Who won???

Okay, I'm embarrassed to even ask, but for the life of me, I cannot find who the winners are of previous challenges. I've been looking for the Toy Story Challenge & The Bed Bath & Beyond Challenge & a few others specifically, I haven't been here that long & I'm still trying to figure out the ins & outs of this site, LOVE IT! I just can't figure it out. Don't laugh, okay go ahead....

So who won, & HOW do I find out who wins what in the future?
Thanks for your help. =]
MrsHappy AKA Leslie Rhoades

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jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

They haven't been announced yet. Because theres multiple parties involved it takes a bit of going back and forth to get the winners...

As for finding out who wins in the future.. i'm sure youll get emails about it if youre signed up for the newsletter.. or you can go to the past challenges page


What Jeff said. I think everything typically gets announced on the threadstaff blog too :)

MrsHappy profile pic Alumni

Ahhhhh, we have to wait. Okay, thanks guys. Now I know! =]

Morkki profile pic Alumni

It usually takes a couple of months for shirts to get printed and added to the store after the designer has been notified. And usually the winners aren't announced before the product is ready. Probably the winners know already, they're just keeping it a secret!

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