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Us, Villains

Us, Villains

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its a pretty awesome Design! just wish it wasn't on a white T-shirt! ill buy it if its on a hoodie though!


great! i love these bad people ;-)


What's the deal with everything just being available in WHITE?... That's my biggest problem w Threadless, no color choices.


I'd buy this shirt in a second if it were available in different colours, I absolutely love the design. Have you considered maybe uploading it to RedBubble or Society6? Would definitely get at least one purchases from me (and judging by the rest of the comments here, two more right off the bat). :) x


Really love this shirt!! Awesome idea!!


Yeah, i also love this design. but if it was in another colour even in black would work better for me :) Or a hoodie would be awesome!


you're missing Haiti's ;-;


I'd prefer it black


Yes, I'd prefer this in black. Awesome concept!


I was sad to see this can't be purchased as a phone case - I think it would look killer!

Kera Leda

this would look good on a dark gray...

or anything other than white, really. hope they make options, i really want one.


I don't need another white T-Shirt especially one that actually has a good design to it. The pastel version of each color in this design would be good for a shirt color just not white.

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