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Help us pick the next design challenge!

Do you have a theme or product you’re dying to see everyone design for? Cats? Horses? Tree scarves? Tell us your idea and we’ll reward you with fame and fortune. By fame and fortune we mean we’ll announce your name in your very own blog post and give you a $300 Threadless gift code.

Here’s whatcha gotta do: In the comments, write your theme in bold then a sentence or two of copy for the challenge to make sure we get the gist. Your challenge can be to design around a particular theme or to design for a brand new product.

Example numero uno:
Create a design about cats! Cats are the Earth’s cutest and most respected animal. Create a design that show your love (or hate) for those slightly snobbish felines.

Example numero dos:
Create a design for footy pajamas Create a design that perfectly matches the warm fuzzy feeling you get just by slipping your toes into a new pair of PJs.

You have until Tuesday, November 13 at 10 am CT to submit your ideas!

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Threadless Loves Thirsties! Create a design for an adjustable Eco-friendly diaper cover to spruce up your baby's bum. That's coo-tastic!

Nerd and Company

Create a design about car fresheners. Threadless will provide the various scents to chose from, and we will create a design regarding that scent. Freshen your car in style.

Nerd and Company

Create a design about Kleenex boxes. Everyone is going to be grabbing on to them this winter.


Threadless Loves Opposites Create a design about opposites. Objects, colors, beliefs, anything that's opposite.


oops, i guess i forgot to put my theme in bold.

jesshanebury profile pic Staff

SO MANY! We're looking through now! Should announce in a few days.


boxers! you definitely need to make your own line of boxer shorts!

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

yay! :)


This is so cool!! A different kind of challenge!

radiomode profile pic Alumni

Threadless loves Spongebob


Did they say who won yet?


No yet.

jesshanebury profile pic Staff

Holy Crap! This is amazing!

Congrats to ourgraphicfaith for coming up with the "Original Monsters" design challenge. You've won $300 in Threadless cash and we'll run your challenge in the next few months! I'll email you with your gift code.

These ideas are all awesome. This blog is going to be a great resource for us! If we come back here and choose something you wrote, you'll get a runner up prize!

Thanks for playing!


awesome! congrats!

Morkki profile pic Alumni

Great choice!



goliath72 profile pic Alumni

congrats thats grreat!!





nah im juss kiddin ya... congratulations, it really is a fun challenge I'm looking forward to!! =D


WOO HOO! THANKS! This is the best news! Thanks Threadless!


Congratulations! It's gonna be a fun challenge :)


Threadless Looooooves beanbag chairs BEAT THAT PEOPLE = i know the challenge is over, but theres the runner up prize ;D

cogigoc said:

Threadless Loves Doomsday (12.12.12.): It might be the Mayans or the last movie you saw. But admit it, you think about it and now is your chance to put it in a shirt! Design a shirt that encorporates the theme 'Threadless Loves Doomsday'. It can be a design about Alien invasion, Dark Silhouettes, Skulls, Submarines and Unicorns. Be prepared, be very prepared.

Threaless Boxer Shorts: Because we need underwear!

Did Threadless just created their own line of boxers shorts then named it Girly Poplin Shorts?

dnice25 profile pic Alumni


melmike profile pic Alumni

SCIENCE! Anything science related really.

JIMDAHOUSECAT profile pic Alumni

'The Advert Competition' - idea would involve the community creating t-shirts with advertisements for fake/made up products.


Threadless loves cliches: We hear them every day and now is your chance to create an awesome tee inspired by cliches! whether its about a chip of the old block or the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, we want your best work!


Threadless Loves Beltology

Thomas Orrow
Thomas Orrow profile pic Alumni
10 designs submitted - Score now!

Thread toys Design a 3D plastic figure

h3h3 productions challenge

Threadless Loves The Walking Dead

Game of Thrones would be nice too!

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