How do you see your design score?!?!

I'm being scored right now, but I have no clue where you see your score's current status. Is anyone else having the same problem or had the same problem, or knows where to find it? I'm confused :P

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Wait your the HANWRITTEN guy? I LOVED that shirt I gave you a 5 and I have no regrets. Good luck!

To answer your question just go to your profil page click designs and it will give you your score so far.

Dan Yingling

You will be able to see your score after the voting period is up on your design.


THANKS NARWHALS14!!! Really glad to hear that you liked it. You just made my day :)


...and thanks Dan for clearing that up.


I had the same question! my design is also up for scoring and was curious about it.


thanks for the answer ! :) my first design was up and so was curious too :)


I feel your pain, Sam.mk1. My first design is also up for scoring (it went up today), and I'm crazy anxious about what scores its getting. I guess I'll just get back to being bogged down other work. :P


Oh thanks! I have three designs up for scoring right now so that really helps!! ^_^


it used to be that you saw a live update of your score during scoring, why did you guys get rid of that?


well thank you all for answering my question :D I have two up for scoring atm and I was wondering the same thing so thank you everyone who has answered :D


Yeah, does anyone know why they changed it? You used to be able to see the scoring as it came in. This is too much anxiety for me!


I think they disabled the ability to see scores during the contest to discourage people who saw high scoring designs from scoring them low in order to get rid of competition. But I don't know why they disabled the ability to see what your own designs are scoring...


Nail biting stuff, I've got a design up at the moment and I'm bricking it. Even if I fail I'll keep coming back and trying again, I love this place.


I've just submitted my first designs and was wondering what sort of score you need for it to get printed?


Designers used to be able to the total scores or every score submitted by others to their work? Now, designers do not see it until the scoring is over?


I recently had my first design accepted..Now im all nervous about the outcome! Glad to see im not the only one


Ah, yes! I was wondering that also! One day to go on mine, I am very nervous, haha.


I think everyone is nervous during the voting period, haha! Especially when it's in a contest that will last 30 more days! :p


Just like what you feel right now. We are all nervous. ^_^

Kimimi Avesta

So... in the absence of actual scores, what's a "normal" amount of votes? I've submitted my first design and I have no idea if good designs should be getting 10, 100 or 1000 votes a day or what! bites nails waiting for week to end


My first submission just went up. This is going to be a long week :)


Not uploaded a design for a while (since the last website). Glad you guys covered it up for me :) design got accepted yesterday nervous week ahead!


Like Kimimi Avesta, I'm wondering how many votes it usually gets? Or does that not even matter?


me too. i'm totally curious - i have 6 more days to wait. :(


Yeah I was wondering the same thing. I mean you can see how Many scores you've gotten but not what :') And does anyone know what score or how the scoring system works to get your design actually printed? Good luck everyone! :')


Yeah I was wondering the same thing. I mean you can see how Many scores you've gotten but not what :') And does anyone know what score or how the scoring system works to get your design actually printed? Good luck everyone! :')

HB Design

It's a scary thing waiting for scores... I suppose it's a good thing that you don't know until the end, keeps you on edge! ;)

Does anyone know what amount of ratings they would usually get by the end of the week? I've just submitted my first design and I've currently had 139 people rate it.


Thanks! I am still waiting on my score! 5 days left! Nervous xD.


Can you score the same design more than once?


one member can only score the same design once andelanguyenb

I've been waiting impatiently for like 12 days so far and there's still 2 days left for scoring :D I was wondering how long it takes Threadless to announce the printed tees after scoring period?


I've got three designs up at the mo and today's their first day! Crossing my fingers that they do well :D


Hello everybody! It's my first submission, I was wandering the same!!! Well, just wait and cross fingers now!


Nervous wreck. Two designs with just two days left. LOL Understand their reasoning for hiding it, somewhat, but it is incredibly stressful. /fingerscrossed Good luck everyone!


Glad to know I wasn't the only one who was confused how many points you needed. Guess it's related how high your score is as well? Guess I'll find out soon!


hi all, i'm new in this community. well, nice info and i'll watching and give a score


So glad someone asked this I was wondering, too.


me too, i'm asking the same thing. my design is up for scoring. Very curious how it turns out. I really really hope they will print my design.......


you cant see your score while in scoring state.. the closest guess u can make is by checking out designs sort by average score and try to find yours.. read that somewhere before..


I'm afraid to not to get enough scores too in the days last, it's my first still figuring out how threadless work as a contributor, sorry my english


Just submitted this week and I have the same question.. thanks for clearing this, leviphilip.


It's strange though. I used to be able to view my scores before. Perhaps they changed their settings? Ah well!


Who are these people? I only remember the first 2 commenters :S

Also get lost, user.

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