threadless new custom tees & odd shipping default on new site

Ok so I got my email with the code to get the tee.... I sort of thought they were just going to send them to the people who filled out their survey.

So yeah I didn't order mine yet cause I have to pay for shipping still and I don't want to pay for shipping on a free tee. I guess I'll be waiting till I can find something else to order so I can at least get the most out of shipping charges. Which probably won't be for awhile since I've been told I have to stop buying graphic tees for awhile because I don't "dress professional" enough :P

That said the new site did not default to the cheapest shipping when doing that preliminary total price estimate. I kinda panicked a bit when I saw like $9 for shipping.. I was like wtf.. when did shipping get to be $9 for like one shirt! Then I saw the teeny tiny little "edit" button which I clicked and gave me more shipping options. The cheapest was still like $5 though. Anyways I REALLY really don't like the hidden shipping option thing on the new site. And I really don't like that it doesn't default to the cheapest shipping method.

Anyways I wanna see lots of pics from people who order the new tee. :D

I'll post mine whenever I get it.. which I'm not sure how long it'll be till I get around to placing an order.

Watch this

for some reason shipping on this was $15 instead of the usual $9. i assume shipping has gone up in price since like, yesterday?

anyway, i am a sucker for free shit so i ordered the new tee. hooray!

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Maybe it's because of the cardboard box? Dunno. I ordered it too but only because there's a letter from Jake swoon

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hah yeah I'll order it but I need to find something else to buy with it so I can justify shipping. :P

Did you click the EDIT button Taz? I noticed my shipping did not default to the cheapest. It picked a more expensive one.

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yeah i thought it was kinda weird you have to pay shipping but i ordered mine anyways because i had some other shirts sitting in my cart for a while

real weird though that it defaults you to the more expensive shipping

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In the email they do say they'll ship it to you for free, I thought it was weird that it wasn't actually free =[

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I am gonna get mine later on, Even so there are so many I'll love to get now.


I just got an email about this, and they will refund the shipping cost for the free tee, so it will actually be completely free.


actually i put mine in the cart and found that there was the usual 9$ shipping. I've just checked again after seeing this blog and it's disappeared. Weird.

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so will i get refunded and thus free shipping for my whole order?

i don't know, weird. but whatever


i just ordered. :D

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I added the Threadless shirt to an order I was going to get anyway so I didn't pay attention to the shipping. But, er, they refunded the shipping anyway. I don't mind but I feel like I cheated somewhere!

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hah yeah. I ordered mine. It was a tough call to decide if I was going to use it to order one in my size or if I was going to order my husbands size. :P


Threadless emailed me this after refunding the shipping cost back to my account.

You recently ordered a sample of our new Threadless tee- our best fitting, highest quality, comfiest tees yet. We said that we'd ship it to ya for the low low price of free, but it looks like you were charged for shipping anyway. Because the shipping (and the tee!) was suppose to be free, we've refunded your original payment for the full shipping costs. If you paid by credit or debit card, the refund should post to your account in a few days. If you paid by Paypal or StreetTeam points, the credit will post today.


you think that's bad, i have no idea what you are talking about so i didn't get a free tee at all




i didn't get a refund on my shipping? i call DISCRIMINATION

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awww chelly sighting in my blog! Hey girly! :)

Yeah I ordered one for me. My husband will just have to deal hahah


offer has expired

check your junk mail/ spam folder

perhaps it went there instead

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