Beside the Game

Whoa! It's been a while!

I learned a lot from the design I submitted last year. In fact, I've been working on a new design (one that I posted not long after the other -- I really need to continue on with that!). I haven't forgotten about Bro-ccoli, and I hope you haven't, either!

I've been coming up with a lot of better shirt ideas, too. And better executions. More shirt-y things. Things all kinds of people people could get behind. Some things have sorta shifted in my mind and in my life over the course of my 25th year... I feel like I'm a little closer to understanding now.

I'm genuinely excited -- but I've gotta take things one at a time! So much is going on right now, from the day job to web design freelance-type stuff and all my other projects! (Many of which are listed here, by the way. :D)

I hope to hear from you in my next critique request!

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