Help make me a MADE man at Threadless!!

Hey everyone!!! I have recently had the honor of being included amongst a host of artists to be considered for the next MADE collection here at Threadless!! OMG!! If you think that I am half way decent guy with some cool designs please give me a vote!! All you have to do is go to the below link...

Vote for me please!!

...and then "like" me!! If you are feeling super generous you could also "share" on your wall and help spread the word!!

Even if you do not want to vote for me (and I hope you do) you should check out the artists and support one of them. It is an amazing opportunity and any one of us would be lucky to win!

....but seriously. Vote for me please ;)

Watch this
ir0cko profile pic Alumni

i'd vote again if i could

jstumpenhorst profile pic Alumni

Thanks pals!!

Hi Twiggs!! (I hope it's okay I shortened your name ;)

Eric: You would be an amazing choice for a MADE artist!



Hope you & your lovely lady are doing well :)

DRO72 profile pic Alumni

proud to have my work sit next to yours... that cyclops is so badass. good luck man!


hopefully y'all will be MADE soon! :D

andyg profile pic Alumni

MAKE this happen, Threadless!

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni
andyg said:

MAKE this happen, Threadless!

EZFL profile pic Alumni

jeffreyg on Nov 20 '12 at 1:20pm

andyg said:

MAKE this happen, Threadless!</i></b>
jstumpenhorst profile pic Alumni

Thanks guys!!!! I have no idea what is happening with the whole MADE thing. Pretty sure I am out since I think I was sitting in about 4th place. It was still cool to be considered!

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