Do you / did you work today?

It's a holiday over here but I went to work on this temp job at my favorite photolab, binding custom-made agendas. Did 150 out of 1300!

What did you do?

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Is it All Hallow's Day? Amurrican's don't get that day off usually.

I have every day off.


Or I guess it's more commonly called All Saints' Day.


All Saints' Day (la Toussaint) is what it is.

We have so many f'ing holidays over here, what a country of lazy asses XD As a freelance I always hated mid-week holidays, they're so disruptive when you actually want to get work done!


Good job Lucas! How about the not real world? ;)


Working all the time ... I'm a designer, hello? :) On the today's menu: charts, pies etc. for a regular customer. Love it! ;)

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today I walked around the mall and creeped on all the girls with real jobs. so same as any other weekday.

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I went into work for a 4 hour meeting.


Hi Manu! blows kisses

Yep, I'm working, bah

Counting down the minutes until work is over, though, because then I'll be heading over to trivia night with some friends, woot!


Congrats hard work team mates, you're all hired!

Hi twigz! Sounds cool! * kisses back * * blushes *


Sounds like a painful job, making 1300! So it wasn't an -everyone has a day off- holiday? What country are you living in actually? :) I stayed indoors because it is an official holiday for the people from Belgium & Germany = invasion in my city. ;)


On the day this was posted, I was working like crazy doing last minute design on site/setting up banners/helping delegates at a huge conference. It's not a holiday in Aus/NZ so far as I know...


Doing logo designs, changing them about 20 times over.


So it wasn't an -everyone has a day off- holiday? What country are you living in actually? That place just south of Belgium =) It's one of those holidays indeed, except no-one keeps you from working if you really want to - they just stare and mumble (jk!) 1300 is kind of tedious, but it's just for a few days and I have fun with those guys anyway!

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We just had a useless team meeting that went on for 2 hours and now I'm organising a civil society fair in a city called Nish, and an anti-corruption national conference here in Belgrade. Blugh.


South of Belgium.. Cool! Maybe we're not living that far away from eachother, since I'm living in the South of NL :) Flemish or Walloon?


Haha sorry Kim, I led you astray there ;) I mean that other country to the south of Belgium! I live in Paris: not so far away! South of NL: Maastricht? I visited there once, went to the amazing underground quarries in Valkenburg.

Tomorrow I should see the end of the 1300 =)


Ha! My mistake :) how are your hands doing?

Maastricht indeed.. Valkenburg is beautiful indeed, we have those underground things over here too. :) Your answer is quite unusual though, most foreign visitors come here for the green cigarettes haha


Hands are all right, it's a bit harder for the legs and knees! (basically standing at the same spot for hours) Green cigarettes? Yech, I'm not going anywhere for these, not for the life of me!

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