Open Relationships

Are any of you in an open relationship, or in multiple open relationships?

How did you come to be so? How did you come to realize that polyamory was something you wished to engage in?

Let's chat.

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soloyo profile pic Alumni

I was dating a girl that told me she didn't mind if I slept around ( this was in the first months of our hooking up ) I took it as a sign that she wanted to sleep around. I never did. Open relationship sounds great but it is Not the thing for me.

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

yeah, it seemed like a good idea when I was younger but I found it never really worked out. I found that the few times when I was in multiple relationships, it would eventually dawn on me that I didn't really give a fuck about any of them. And when the real thing came along, nobody else seemed to matter.

spacesick profile pic Alumni

what a bunch of sluts

spacesick profile pic Alumni

my target demographic! hey hi how are ya

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

My parents tried the swingers thing and that did not end up well at all. You can absolutely not have people that have jealous tendencies involved, which I imagine can be quite difficult.

spacesick profile pic Alumni

no but seriously, everything is the worst and nobody stays together

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