new site, scoring, etc

Not sure I like the new site yet. I can't see any links for your designs to post in the blogs. Plus, my 1st printed design isn't showing up in my profile! Are scores hidden again also? I liked knowing ahead of time how bad my design was tanking. finally, numbers of comments seem way down, what's up with that? Here is my latest design, if anyone cares to vote on it.



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Papaprime profile pic Alumni

I also noticed that my design that has finished scoring seems to have disappeared from my profile. I had to get to the link through my tumblr to find out what score it got, and the new stats aren't as in depth.

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

I think that the ones that are out of stock don't show up in your prints anymore.

skaw profile pic Staff

we'll be adding out of stock prints back into profiles.

we're also going to be making scores not hidden again

jillustration profile pic Alumni

also, has anyone noticed that the comment numbers seem much lower on the new site? Is this because people can score designs without actually clicking on them? I didn't think my latest sub stunk THAT bad. Here's my hedgehog sub

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