Bad rip off?

I just found this shirt similar to my printed threadless shirt. Maybe it's a sign that Threadless should reprint it (cough cough) please.....

Watch this
mattwill profile pic Alumni

*side note has anyone else googled their shirts before? I just did and it's all over the place, including some shady places......

soloyo profile pic Alumni

sad, sad, sad

_EffinSweet_ profile pic Alumni

Are you sure those are similar? but really.. i dont think mine was good enough to rip off.. i'll google it anyway


The first one is at least an attempt (a poor attempt) at a different style but the one on Red Bubble is a complete copy (also poorly executed) Two super bad rips! =(

phraze profile pic Alumni

Red bubble seems quite bad for rip offs. I had someone show me an iphone case they had been bought from there as a present. "It has this little box thing on it though" when I look at it it's a deviant art watermark..

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