anybody else missing designs?

anybody else missing designs from the new Threadless site?
I am missing my latest 2 that recently ended on the old site.
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_EffinSweet_ profile pic Alumni

have you mailed any of the thread staff?

EZFL profile pic Alumni

I have been printed 5 times but only 4 images load, and i'm missing 2 additional prints.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

Yup, I am still missing 2 recent subs. 2 subs previous to my latest 2. Has anyone who was missing designs had them recovered yet? (I imagine thread staff is busy with the new site, but just curious if they are handeling this on a casebycase basis)


I'm missing my most recently scored design as well. I inquired with Threadless Help awhile ago and they said they're aware of the issue and will have it fixed for the new fully launched site.


i'm missing like 1 million of mine! geez!

Luke... profile pic Alumni

hooray, my 2 missing designs are back... but errr, now it says I have zero designs printed :( but my Alumni shield is still there :)

DRO72 profile pic Alumni

i had both of those issues for a while but they were just fixed... i think they're getting around to everybody.

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