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Working on next submission - Whatchathink?

Working on a new submishe. It's basically a classic treasure map featuring two islands shaped like a skull and crossbones. No huge pun featured, just a design that I'd like to wear myself. Still some way to go - I'll insert a few more items on the islands, maybe move the features around, experiment with colours. What do you think, would it work here?

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I totally support skull shaped islands ;) I wish there were some jokes and puns within, it'd be fun to look for them.

Also, we old geezers who stick to the old site can't see the image. You might edit using the old site html which works on both, that'd be awesomely considerate of you ;)

thestateofthings profile pic Alumni

Thanks for your input. Does it work now?

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It does, cool =)

thestateofthings profile pic Alumni

Yeah, puns, jokes, that's exactly my forté...not.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

I like it

thestateofthings profile pic Alumni

Trying to insert some humour's agonising. D:


I really dig this!

Gar0 profile pic Alumni

here be a fine piece of art. No twists/humour needed imo.

thestateofthings profile pic Alumni

Yeah, will probably keep it subtle. Prolly, jolly. Roger.

Musarter profile pic Alumni

It looks great puns or no puns. The puns may up the score a bit. I would like to see how it would look on a tee.

parallelish profile pic Alumni

looks good, but yeah id like to see it on a tee before i fully decide how badass it is 8)

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