When did the blogs die??

I haven't been around much lately and have only submitted one design this year and my scoring has been sporadic at best but the last time I visited the blog ( Which wasn't too long ago ) it was still going strong. Now it's like a cemetery!!! Is it just that the sub posts don't bump other threads anymore or is it something else? Maybe there is a thread that explains it all and I could be pointed in its direction?


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Hopefully it'll all perk up again once the new site is actually functioning the way a site should be and everyone isn't afraid they'll post comments and blogs and nothing will show up.

It's a dark, mysterious time here in Threadworld.

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Indeed it is......I felt a wave of sadness earlier when the blog remained unchanged for what seemed like hours, something that didn't even happen in the wee hours a couple of years ago. But as you say it may very well be this weird transition period .

Steve The Great

Yesterday they for-real died for a bit.

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