Out of Fuel - New sub + Video process SCORING!

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Estas barbaro !

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Genius! Again, thanks for the video. Love watching you work!

Haragos profile pic Alumni

Love the video! Makes me want to make one but it would have 2 hours of me not doing anything and watching tv.

Naolito profile pic Alumni

Thanks guys!

This video is kinda embarrasing because I really had a bad time by drawing such a simple part as it is the foot, but it's important to show my weak points too haha

Lucas el video va muy muy acelerado, no es tan rapido jaja puedes verlo en el contador rojo de arriba, 45 minutos de entintado + 30 minutos de color. El boceto es antiguo pero supongo que 10-15 minutos como siempre :)

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I could watch these all day.

Thomas Orrow
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Love these videos. I like the idea of drawing the legs in black and then tracing the outlines-cool idea!

Also, not embarrassing at all. It would take me three times that long to make that. Awesome sub too -----$5

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Haha well, if you look at the clock, I did this one in 2 different days, inking yesterday and coloring today.

The good thing about the videos is that they make me focus on what I'm doing. I use to work and look at other stuff 50/50 of the time, but if I know that I'm recording my screen, I keep myself 100% focused in the design. Of course I get tired in less time too.

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Uhm... I can't see the score, how many people voted or days left, is this permanent or just a glitch?

Haragos profile pic Alumni

Aww.. I liked being able to see the score. Oh well.. I think I voted for you over 10 times because it didn't show that it accepted my vote

Naolito profile pic Alumni

Haragos yes... it's a bit confusing but I think that it's counting votes, i hope!

Thanks guys :D

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

nice process video!

u draw so well without having to zoom in a lot haha

Raulio profile pic Alumni

Awesome! Love this videos

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This is a really big help on us! thankyou so much! :D oh and AWESOME ILLUSTRATION!!!

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