Master Has Given Dobby A Sox!

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Hey Guys! Help me out! Here is my design for Threadless. It came to me that if Dobby the House Elf were to have a favorite baseball team it would undoubtedly be the Boston Red Sox. What can I do to improve my design? Any thoughts?


should he be wearing a Red Sox hat instead of having a word bubble?


Maybe add a sock on his nose? or in his hand and get rid of that word bubble!!!!!!!!!!


A hat or sock on his noes, like emilyzeadesigns and messthem said would really help the design more. Check this out


Hey guys, I made some changes to my design. He's now wearing a Red Sox hat instead of floating on top of that word bubble. What do you think? Changes? Different colored t-shirt? Help me!


Not sure but you may run into problems with copyright since that is the Red Sox logo.

Please take a look at my latest idea and give me your thoughts: Even Monsters Get Sleepy

Please go vote and comment on my submission: wonderful


I was thinking that too but it's not like I'm saying I designed it right? If anything it's kind of promoting them? I already submitted it to Threadless and they declined because they said it needed work, not because of any copyright infringement. Would this fall in the realm of parody?


It's a very cool idea, but I think it looks too much hand-drawn: maybe you could digitalize it up a bit? Also, the mouth is a bit weird... keep working on it! :)

Ru Chery

haha this funny. nice work! i agree with stilla, maybe it might look a little better vectorized? i think that your design is cool but it's just missing something. maybe you can add a background or text even? i'm just throwing ideas around you don't have to listen to me lol. overall i think this design is cool. keep me posted on your later versions. i'm excited to see what your design will look like when it is all set and done.

p.s I have a new design up for scoring!! If you have a moment please score my design, "earth's bight idea". I would really appreciate it. As always feel free to leave a comment on the submission page if you like. I would love to know what you think. Thank you so much.

robbielee profile pic Alumni

Funny idea, but not sure a belt print is the way to go. I'd do it smaller, in the chest, with the rest of Dobby drawn. Maybe even add the text of the title to drive the point home?

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