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I was trying to make the bottom male's hand look like he is reaching out for the woman's hand, which is further away from the viewer. I could alter the guy's hand so its flatter and will look less dominated


I think that the top hand needs to be softer to make it a bit more femine looking. Very cool concept though!


i see the hand relationship two different ways, and find both interpretations unsettling.

the top hand either feels predatory (might be the nails). like it is coming to attack the outreached hand which is passive and open.

OR the top hand feels desperate. like the two hands were holding on for dear life, and the top hand slipped.

my personal connection is feeling like i represent the bottom hand (my perspective)... and it does make me think about my relationship to the wearer of the shirt.


Thanks for the ideas :) I see what you all mean by your comments and i'll work on those :)


Great ideas. Thanks guys :)

Ru Chery

Cool concept!!! I cant really think of any other suggestion that wasn't mention at the moment. I think you have great ideas and suggestions to work with. As mention before in previous comments, try to put some highlights and shadows on the hands to make them look more defined. Overall i think the design is cool and when it is all set and done it is going to look awesome. nice work! I look forward to your next your next version. Keep me posted, i would love to look at it.

p.s I have a design up for scoring. If you have a moment please score my design, "earth's bight idea". I would really appreciate it. Feel free to leave a comment on the submission page of the design. I would love to know what you think. Thank you so much.



I too agree with what everyone said. The idea is very nice but you should try to put more highlights/shadows to the hands and maybe soften up the female's, because those long nails make it look a bit intimidating! Also, on the male hand the black outline is too thin on the left and too thick on the right, maybe try to even it up?

p.s.if you have time feel free to have a look at my design and tell me what you think, I would really appreciate it. Cereal Killer


I purposely made the lines on the left side of both hands thinner than the right side for on effect. Working on changing the hands at the moment. Same line effect, different hand positions. Just need to add shadows, then i'll post it :)


Maybe try an outline or shadow of a person so that you can see they are reaching out, just a thought :)

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