Last voting Day! Holding Back Tears! Crying onion thing

EDIT again(10/03/12): I posted a new blog with a new WIP design "A 'Crumb'y Situation"!
And I can't believe there are such few votes on my Onion sub when compared to my older (and horrible) subs D: It might be Minecraft voter fatigue or some unexplainable natural phenomena. Oh well.

EDIT (10/02/12): I feel like I'll use this blog to also show off some new designs. Coming later today!

Heyo guys and gals! I've been away for some time because I realized I wasn't executing designs the way I would've liked to. Since my last sub, I've learned to use Illustrator and be better on Photoshop (thanks to the tutorials Alvarejo has posted!) and I felt I was ready for another round of Threadless-mania :D
I feel like such a lurker though D: I don't post in blogs, but I sure have been reading a lot of them during my hiatus. Funny stuff, guys, funny stuff.

My new threaddesign:

I realized some of my "better" ideas come at the most inopportune times, such as when I'm dead tired and want to sleep, but this one idea doesn't want to be forgotten and forces me to sketch it in the middle of the night. That happened with two designs that I made for a band, and for a future design (I hope) D:
Does this happen to you guys?

Watch this
jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

love the way you shaded it

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

sweet work :)

I've had times when I've just crept into the room I share with the baby and got into bed and 'BINGO!!' oh gosh I should draw...... then I just repeat the idea to myself five or six times to make sure I don't forget it till morning. I don't have much free time so I have to queue ideas up carefully and decide what to work on next.


Thanks you three :D

I've done the 'repeat the idea to myself five or six times to make sure I don't forget it till morning' thing, and I usually do remember to draw it, but my mindset is that the idea is strongest when first conceptualized so to get it down, even roughly, during that time will lead to a result closer to the original idea. I have no clue whether this works but I do it anyways :P



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haha, so cute!


Last Day bump! No onions this time ):

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