Mistresses of Evil

  • by ARG89
  • posted Sep 25, 2012

Mistresses of Evil

Watch this



OH MY GOD. Disney Villains in a Mucha-esque design. This is the most excellent shirt in the history of shirts.


Hope this stays in stock in my size until I get paid dammit... everytime I have absolutely no money to my name threadless puts out shirts I want


And would really love this to have to wear during my Halloween trip to Disneyland

Cheryl Tay

Gorgeous! I do wish it would've been Lady Tremaine (Cinderella) instead of Cruella de Vil, though.


So very awesome. I agree with Cheryl Tay about Lady Tremaine though. One of the most evil of the evil villains - probably because she's the most human.

Cheryl Tay

jenrich, good point! I was speaking more from an aesthetic point of view, though: like Maleficent & Queen Grimhilde, Lady Tremaine's main outfit is a long-sleeved, flowing dress - more classic, not wildly fashionable & OTT like Cruella's outfit. But still, great design! I'm definitely buying this.


I kind of wish Ursula was included hear, mostly cuz I love her, but still an amazing shirt!


Would have bought it if it had Lady Tremaine instead of Cruella De Vil. Love the style but Cruella stands out oddly and I'm not really a fan.


Wore this shirt to Disneyland last week-it scored me a pic w/ Cruella (not my fav, but still) and I go the MOST compliments from all of the villains roaming around, including Jack Skellington! Thanks, Threadless!!

brainrust profile pic Alumni

Nice work, elegant and detailed. A good print choice!


Love this as I am a huge FAN of the Villians, but most of all, of Alfons Mucha! Fantastic job!

I don't see this in a girls Lg or XL.. is is just available in Guys? THANKS!


Ursula or Mother Gother would've fit better here. Cruella is the odd one out.


Ursula or Mother Gothel would've fit better here. Cruella is the odd one out.


This is a beautiful design and a great selection of classic evil characters. The problem is, the girly tees are so ridiculously small! Please reprint in men's 2XL!


I love the purple kid's color - I would love to have that in women's sizes too!

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