• by pintura23
  • posted Sep 20, 2012

Watch this

A design inspired by a beetle.


What do you think is the best design?


hey! Now looks great!!! like the one on the white t-shirt. simple, and cool. Submit it!!!

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I think the first version is probably best - although the pattern looks nice as well.


New version!!!!!!

Ru Chery

cool design!! i agree with unknownspeciesx, i liked how you had the beetle rotated slightly on the sample. i thought that was cool, maybe you could do the the same on the shirt? just a suggestion. overall great work. i think the design looks great on all three color tees. keep me posted on your later versions or when your design is up for scoring.

p.s I have a design up for scoring!! If you have a moment please score my design, "earth's bight idea". I would really appreciate it. Feel free to leave a comment on the submission page if you like. I would love to know what you think. Thank you so much.


This is an awesome idea!! Yes, consider rotating the design on the shirts too before submitting. Also, you might want to check the four little antennas on the front, you don't want them to be too thin for printing... anyway I think this is it, the design is almost ready for submitting. Let me know when you do.

p.s.if you have time feel free to have a look at my design and tell me what you think, I would really appreciate it. Cereal Killer


This made me giggle I love the concept but I think having the beetle going straight up and down is too uniform, since the little buggers tend to skitter everywhere, the sample above the shirts has a good angle. The image is fantasitc.

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