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Hound's Tooth: Threadless Pet Bed

  • by neilss1
  • posted Sep 17, 2012

Hound's Tooth: Threadless Pet Bed

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Awesome will be getting one of these for my gf's chihuahua

Teresa Racker

This isn't a pet bed, it has no fluff! It was not worth the money, at least I already have a bunch of poly fill at home. It is a cover that is all. If you buy this keep that in mind. Calling it a "Pet Bed" is misleading.


Mind the description, where it explains in detail. These covers are great! Allows you to fill with your own products, especially when you have a pet that is sensitive to particular materials. Much easier to machine wash! Love it!


Where's the large size? My 80 lb lab needs a little more than a 22 x 27 inch square.


We have a Chihuahua-Dauchund mix that has several allergies, including to the foam filling that is in most traditional pet beds. This lead him to demolish the dog beds we have bought him in the past in an attempt to rid his sleep area of the irritating materials before we figured out what it was he was allergic to. Without the foam filling, he has not tried to drag it out of the corner he sleeps in, he has not tried to dig it or to chew it in attempts to get rid of it. While we just received it this morning and stuffed it with old stained stuff of mine or outgrown clothes of my son's, he settled on it happily for several hours of the afternoon while my son watched TV. It also helps that it fits perfectly in the space Mickey has come to regard as his own personal hidey-hole, the space under the kitchen counter where our dishwasher was until it but the dust. I feel good about the fact that we can recycle the clothes that otherwise for the most part were unusable rather than having them end up in a landfill somewhere. If you are on the fence about this pet "bed," go for it! If we could afford to right now, I would buy another one for every room in our house!


I wish there were options to get different sizes now that we have a second dog. The regular size was perfect for our first and he loves it. I guess our new little guy will just have to make do.

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