Ornamental Tiger

Ornamental Tiger

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Pretty awesome. I'd especially love it in purple. :)

myteemo profile pic Alumni

Congrats! I love the hoodie!


This artwork is stolen.

reags profile pic Alumni

Congrats mate :)

Wore Vms

Stupid people talking shit. The design is not the same, its a similar idea, but anybody here discovered the fire, its like somebody doing a tribal dragon or something like that, there can be better or worse designs, but its nothing "new". You should chill out and stop being a damn hater.

And Calahan, congrats, very nice work, lot of details.

v_calahan profile pic Alumni

Thx guys, and needless to say but yet I'll do it again, it's 100% genuine, even if I hereby solemnly confess I haven't invented ornates, decorative letters, tigers, or navy blue…:P

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

amazing and well deserved :D :D :D gold foil on hoodie FTW!!


Amazing! I just ordered the tee n hoody! :)


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why no reprint? Been waiting for S size hoody for a long long time...


love the design and have gotten some compliments on it already.

i have to say that the tee fabric is a little thin, and i the shirts are made a few inches too long (at least the men's S size). that's more of general threadless complaint.


Very happy with this tee. The quality is much better than tees used before (at least for Girly S size). The tiger part is printed in puffy gold ink. The tee is also sufficiently long. I hate it when tees are too short - they shrink in length at least up to an inch after every wash. Almost all my early Threadless tees (bought in 2010) have shrunk up to 3 inches in length are now are way too short to be worn out. I can only wear them at home now.


Reprint Medium Hoodies please~ I want it so badly~~~~


if you guys make a white iPhone 4 cover with that design at the back, It will be so cool. Gold on white.


LARGE hoodie please!! Reprint reprint reprint reprint! :) Thank you~


Y you no reprint this design Hoodies...

v_calahan profile pic Alumni

Thx Wore Vms, "Stupid people talking shit" sums it up quite effectively… Anyways… thx also to all who have bought it and hope you're happy with it! I'm real happy with the way Threadless has printed this, that puffy foil, feels great! :)




Just bought the girly tee!


Nice design. Just wanted to point out the thumbnails don't work as links. The pictures never change.


I'd love this back on the hoodie!

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