My Chemical Romance

Good lord. I friggin' love this place. Absolutely the best website from A-Z. I love the special submission requests they create. Especially the band ones. When I saw The Used designs I flipped out. They were so creative and brilliant. Now what needs to happen is a My Chemical Romance contest. This will probably not happen due to the fact that most people think they are 'gay' but I am not going to lie. I LOVE them. BY far my favorite band forever and ever. Perhaps I will suggest it to 'the peoples' and see how it goes. If you like the idea as much as I do then let's all suggest it and hope it makes a hit.


Watch this

i am quite a fan of them...
...but i am not a fan of way's new hair. he was not meant to be blonde.
but whatever, i think there would be some pretty sweet shirts to come from/for them.


Not my cup of tea.

skeleton clouds

i went to their concert a over year ago, it was in a barn type place and smelt really bad
but they made it worth the smell of pot/farm animals

i loved the shirts for the used,
and my chemical romance shirts would be neat too,
but like you said it probably won't happen because people eiter think their sell outs or fags


I used to like them. Not anymore.


i still like their style.
maybe it's because i'm too mad at fall out boy to notice a change?
whatever, i still like them.


Their old stuff is pretty good but the new stuff is just bad. Sorry to admit, but yeah. Way's new hair is really bad too.


i know! he was not meant to be blonde!


le sigh
Gerard's new hair...
shitty subject
it does suck
but they are still as awesome as ever


nah... they're everywhere else, so i refuse to allow them to be here.


Their new album is the only good one they have, it reminds me of old rock.

But no contest for them.

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I don't mind them, but I don't understand why everyone's so into them. They sound like fuckin' Queen to me.


I love My Chemical Imbalance! it's the whole reason why I can commit murder and everyone will think it's cuz I'm just mentally unstable!


i've always liked them, but i like a lot of bands/singers that people hate. fall out boy, avril, hawthorne heights, greenday, etcetc.

and i happen to like his new hair a lot.


I think, I used to have a song by them called the Jetset Life is Going to Kill You.

...I liked it.


they play them on the radio so much now I want to smash a radio whenever I see one..


i was babysitting earlier...we were talking about ipods or something and somehow i brought up my chemical romance. the dad then, being apparently 1000% clueless, began making up titles for their songs - mushy love song titles. i guess "romance" threw him off. it took all i had to not completely make fun of him.

oh, but i love them and would enjoy a contest.


I agree with jpiatt.. they sound like Queen, except not as good. (but I think that comes with being aged over 21)


Well, look who's talking about having funny hair.


I completely agree, there should be a My Chem contest. They are life savers. ^.^



did you need a shovel to dig this gem up?


i thought 3 cheers was good until i saw them live and realized that gerard's voice was mercilessly pro-tooled to fix the fact that he has no talent.

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look, it's uberbreeze!

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