Noooooooooo, what a bummer

(sob sob sob)

Haha, its not that bad really i guess, kinda sucky though, id ordered ' Goodbye my Hopes and Dreams' for my girlfriend, and i just got a mail there sayin that due to an error in the database they havent sent me it ¬_¬

Oh well at least i still have one shirt for her on its way, but its so annoyin cos she would a really like that one, you know how cos the wee creatures look like the forest spirits outta princess mononoke ^_^ and she pure loves Studio Ghibli animations....

Well i got a free $5 coupon anyway which almost covers the shippin for another order, so hopefully the next one i order will be in stock ^_^

This happen much to people??

^_^ x

Watch this

"I Am Unique"
I can't own the shirt because EVERYONE BOUGHT IT.


That sucks for you :( i was so excited too because id already had a mail sayin my order had shipped,and all the items were present on the list, but i also have this one sayin that one item will be missing???

So i dont know what to think? is it for real or am i just getttin an evil joke played on me lol

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