One second...

Forgivable or pull-able?

Hi Guys...

Thought I would ask for your advice on this...

I have a t up for scoring and there is a tiny spelling mistake. (someone had spotted it!).

It goes without saying that should it (in my dreams!) get to a stage where it may print, the error will have been corrected.

Take a look...

Should I let it ride, or pull it and correct it?

Please let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for your time in advance :)

Watch this

I'd pull it and correct it, but I'm kinda ocd like that. cute, by the way.


I'd say let it ride. It's upsetting to voters to come across a design you've already scored, whatever the reason.



Thanks for your comments - they help a lot.

I get both sides, but have decided to pull and fix...

I hope I get my votes back.

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