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Gentleman's dream

Watch this

Love the style, but not sure what I'm looking at. Your character looks awesome though!


Try placing it on shirt!!!


It's lovely, but I agree that it needs to be on shirt to be submitted.


Totally off the wall. Love it. Lets see it on a shirt. Maybe a bit of colour somewhere.



Lol, very cool! Could you put the design onto a "Real" shirt so we can see more what it will look like if it gets printed. Thanks! Looking great so far!

Alba Blazquez Fernandez

The gentleman's dream is to protect a woman who loves him... New version! on a "real t shirt" ;D


Hmm and why on gentleman's hat under the text are three points? It stands for what?

Alba Blazquez Fernandez

to give an incomplete meaning...or simply to make think each person who watches it. It's a MYSTERIOUS habit on me haha!


Still not sure on the meaning but love it on the shirt.

Please go vote and comment on my submission: wonderful


not sure if i quite get the design but it definitely is interesting.

help me get my first design printed

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