"And the lord said to Abraham...whip it, whip it good."

  • Acts 82:55

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"And the lord said to Abraham...whip it, whip it good."

  • Acts 82:55
BeanePod profile pic Alumni

good stuff. have you seen mark mothersbaugh from devo, he whipped it a little too good.


Got a 5 from me, please return the favor on my submissions!


great illustration





FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I so enjoy your seemingly random but actually well thought out topics of concentration as well as stylistic choice.

Enrica M

nice but not my style


Hilarious but most people aren't going to get the joke at a glance. I haven't been on this site long but my impression is that you have one glance to win people over.


I concur....that is the problem with most of my designs. The only problem is that I can't consciously "dumb" down my designs. I feel like this is the greatest downfall of western society, the dumb down. In all the 10 second cat video universe that has spawned has made it impossible for anyone to investigate double meanings. Ironically Shakespeare's plays where written in double entendre for the lower class and they got it. Unfortunately communication it is not immediate, and explicit then most of western society does not understand.

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