Write me a diddy! (lyrics challenge: $50 gift code)

Any of you all musically inclined? I’m a music freak myself. I listen to music constantly in the car and on the job. But I don’t really have the chops to create my own stuff. So today, I’m enlisting your help. I really need some fresh tunes to play on my tape deck as I’m spit shining the hallways.

Today’s challenge is to write me two verses of a song about my favorite things.

You know some of my favorite stuff already from previous blogs but here’s some ideas to get you started:
- Ice Road Truckers
- Fountain soda with crushed ice
- The Legend of Zelda
- Jaywalking
- Professional hot dog eating
- The color aqua
- Michael Keaton’s underappreciated daddy comedy Mr. Mom

Post below before 10 am CT tomorrow.(8/16). I’ll choose my favorite and that person will get $50 Threadless gift code!

Watch this

Get back to work, Dane.

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Hey, I just met you And this is crazy But Ganon's a douche So save me, maybe?

Hyrule's in trouble So don't be lazy Get off your ass, Link And save me, maybe?


Just kidding. Dane works hard.


Well I'm not even going to try because tracerbullet's was so good. Also I don't think they'd give me a $50 gift code.

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Almost heaven, frozen highways Northwest Territories snow chain tires slippin' all around me - Snow is fresh there Colder than the trees Slidin' up the mountains Drivin' ain't a breeze

Icy Roads, take me home To the place I belong West Canada, mountain momma Take me home, Icy roads

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Some nights I stay up changing diapers Some nights I have fights with Jaws Some nights I wish that I could have my old job back Some nights I wish I'd never been laid off

But I still wake up, I still take care of the kids Oh Caroline, I'm still not sure what I am doing, no no What does this baby talk stand for? What does it stand for? Most nights, I don't know, anymore oh oh, oh oh, oh oh, oh oh oh oh, oh oh, oh oh, oh oh

This is it kids, this is Mr Mom, what am I here for? What did you feed Megan, no not the Chili! I was never one to take care of the kids, save for an hour or two Now I'm neck deep in baby poop and lonely housewives, oh no, here they come again to hit on me

But that's alright, I heard I might get my job back It stops my mind from wondering if am I a man, am I a man, am i man Oh, am I... a man?


I am going to write one, not because I'll win, but because I think betsym is super hot and I'd like to impress her.


Freshly washed uniform with an aqua hue Running across the street 'cause it's what I do Don't mind about the cars, don't mind about the laws Gotta get back home and save Zelda from Ganon's evil claws

Can't miss Mr Mom, got that to watch after Ice Road Truckers fills me bittersweet with laughter Those noble guys out there on the road Whilst I'm sat with drinking fountain soda in my humble abode Nearly time for sleep, need a midnight snack Hot Dog 'cause I'm the champion? That sounds whack...and brilliant, too, for I'm Janitor Dane...here to help you.


I'm still trying to think of something that rhymes with 'Ice Road Truckers' without sounding vulgar.

goliath72 profile pic Alumni

Let me introduce you to this guy i know He's the cleanest guy i know with a brownish fro His Legend keeps on growing cause he's very cool Ice Road Trucker aint got nothing on Him they are just a bunch of fools. JanitorDane has his own hot dog eating contests cause he is the bomb He does it while he's sitting on his couch and watching Mr Mom.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

Have you ever met a girl that you had to save 'Cause she got captured by Ganon and wouldn't cooperate Let me tell ya a story of my situation I am talkin' 'bout this princess from the Hyrule nation The first time I saw her was in a dream She was being chased down by a guy who was mean I just woke up drippin', pourin' with sweat When Navi busted in and I said, "Guess who I met?" Navi whispered in my ear, "Come to the Deku Tree So you can ask him some questions and learn your destiny" I stood before the tree, he said "Blah-blah-blah, "Please break this curse inside me and kill Gohma" I took a couple of sticks and some Deku seeds I shot Gohma in the eye And completed the deed The Deku Tree said, "Thanks, but now you've really gotta go Over to Hyrule Castle and stop this Gerudo." When I asked Zelda, "Do you have a plan," she tried to explain She said, "Yes I do, but it's kind of a pain." Come on, you know I'm goin' for it This is what I'm gonna sing

You, you got what I need. I'll kill Ganon in the end I'll kill Ganon in the end, oh baby You, you got what I need. I'll kill Ganon in the end I'll kill Ganon in the end, oh baby You, you got what I need. I'll kill Ganon in the end I'll kill Ganon in the end

So I went to the Goron city at this time Then I killed the king Dodongo and all was fine Next I rescued Ruto and that's a fact I kicked Jabu-Jabu's butt, that fish was whack I had all the stones, so let's go into the story About a girl named Zelda that adored me So I started walkin' back to the castle But she raced right by and threw to me An ocarina, which I wasn't understandin' But I'd use it in the future Zelda was plannin' To the Temple of Time I went with the stones I stood on the alter and played some tones A secret door opened, it was a sacred place I saw the Master Sword and I made a weird face I looked the sword over, thought I'd pull it out But when I drew it from the pedestal I heard someone shout Ganon came and beat me up, then took the Triforce again I said, "Yo, what was that?!" He said, "Oh, it's just the end." Don't gimme that! Don't ever gimme that! Just bust this

You, you got what I need. I'll kill Ganon in the end I'll kill Ganon in the end, oh baby You, you got what I need. I'll kill Ganon in the end I'll kill Ganon in the end, oh baby You, you got what I need. I'll kill Ganon in the end I'll kill Ganon in the end

So I came to in the Temple seven years later Rauru said, "Yo, can I ask you a favor?" Then I met Sheik, she showed me the way To the other five bosses that I had to slay After all was done I had to rub my eyes 'Cause Sheik was really Zelda -- What a surprise She told me about Ganon, then he whisked her away To the top of his tower where he would stay I arrived at the top of it only to see Ganon was standing there waiting for me We fought each other there for the moment I didn't know I was in for such an event I killed him dead, he fell on his back Oh, snap! Guess what? He's back! He turned into a pig but I still kicked his ass To make sure he was dead I let a few minutes pass So please listen to the message that I send Don't ever steal the Triforce or I'll kill you in the end



Kobayashi is no match for me Just turn around and you will see I'll eat more hotdogs that's guaranteed Kobayashi! Find another place to feed your greed.

Kobayashi is no match for me Nathan's hotdog eating contest the place to be I'll eat more hotdogs that's guaranteed Kobayashi! Find another place to feed your greed.


Lolly pop sprinkles cookies and cream little red roses and a bowl of icecream


i enjoy the one by tracerbullet from the bizmarkie song! good stuff!


I jaywalk this crap road Where Ice Road Truckers used to go I used to catch rides home Until I lost my leg, I jaywalk solo.

Oh oh, Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh, ohhhhh oh Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh, ohhhhhhhhh

My hotdog's the only thing that's hot and steamy My gameboy has Link, the only thing that's beating Ganandorf and taking over his frickin' castle When I lose, I USE UP ONE LIFFFFFFFFE!


To the tune of 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams', Mine is.

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lmfao brian ftw


In as far as things go My penchants lie With the movements of soul I take Through a mind's eye

Crystalline obsessions Of porcelain blue Wandering off track I fear No place Far from Hyrule


Hot Dog, hold the tram I am coming, stuff the red man

Hold off leaving, don’t go yet Its school pick up, how did I forget?


In a land not far, far away, lived a man named Rukus Rene. he would sing and dance everyday, in that same corner he'd stay. He'd pretend that he was a stray, collecting change from bystanders that passed though his way. Oh what Rukus Rene, would lie to these people that were just as equal which made him a creeple , oh you Rukus Rene ..... Thank you .. (:


Walkin through Hyrule Ain't lookin left or right Gonna make my way to Ganon Gonna win! The! Fight! Crushin vases like the ice In my fountain sodas (nice) Cuz I'm makin mad rupees Red green aqua count em thrice

Oh Zelda, girl, You know you rock my world So magic bombs I hurl, My sweet-ass sword unfurl, I'm gonna save you girl Ain't goin home, until I get you right back safe To Hyrule


I waaaaaaasss... jaywalking along thinking about last nights Ice Road marathon when I got run over by the theme of this song, my eternal love for Michael Keaton’s underappreciated daddy comedy Mr. Mommmmmmmmm....

Starting the adventure right My Fountain soda with crushed ice, weather very nice. mid day fleeting, maybe watch some Professional hot dog eating? I love the color Aquamarine, you know what I mean?? I could play The Legend of Zelda all day, but I want that code for sure, I don't wanna be nude no more... nooooo mooooooreeee



Hello, My name is Dane, And I clean floors and the drain And I listen to music a whole lot. So here is my song, It’s not very long But it rhymes (well most of the time) There are things that I like, So check me on the mike. And listen with interest to me. This is my one and only confessional I eat my hot dogs like a professional Aqua is my favorite color

There is a cafeteria chef called Gwendolyn She makes a tuna surprise with fish from a tin And it makes everyone go wild I drink Fountain soda with crushed ice I love it so much; each day I have it twice Ice road truckers, I watch it on TV I also love comedies like Mr Mom If you’ve not seen it, it is the BOMB! I jaywalk each day, even thou it is wrong Zelda is my favourite game to play And that is the end of my song YAY!

juliebenitez profile pic Alumni

Is this the real life? Is this icy fantasy? driving on slipp’ry roads, no escape from reality Open your eyes, look up at the roads and see, Wanna be an ice truck driver, driving free Because it’s hard to come, hard to go Lotsa ice, lotsa snow Everywhere there’s ice and it challenges me,challenges me

Mama, became a man, coz I got laid off at work Now I iron all the clothes Mama, housework is so hard Could we exchange, promise I’ll be better Mama, ooh, don’t wanna hear our children cry If we can get through this alive tomorrow Carry on, carry on, coz our family really matters

Too late, my time has come Sends shivers down my spine, tummy’s aching all the time goodbye, gold medal, I’ve got to go Didn’t eat enough, I’ve got to face the truth Weenie, ooh, I don’t want to die I should have eaten more often at home

I see a huge silhouetto of a man Sasquatch, sasquatch, never do the Fandango Pirouettes nor plié, very, very fright'ning me (Nintendo.) Nintendo. (Nintendo.) Nintendo, Nintendo. Mario. Magnifico! I’m a Hylian boy, and everybody loves me His name is Link and he’s wearing a green tunic Spare his life from Ganon’s monstrosity Link will come, Link will go, will you let Link go? Let Link go! Skulltula! We will not let Link go Let Link go! Skulltula! We will not let Link go Let Link go! We will not let Link go Let Link go! We will not let Link go Let Link go! Ah bow bow bow bow bow bow bow (Oh mama mia, mama mia.) Mama mia, let Link go Or else he’ll smite you with the Master sword for Z, for Z, for Z!

Yes I think I can cross the road and look you in the eye Yes I think even if there’s no crosswalk I won’t die Oh, baby, aqua is so cool, baby mix of green and blue, just gotta mix some green and blue

Crushed ice really matters, mixed with soda Crushed ice really matters Crushed ice really matters To me.

juliebenitez profile pic Alumni

bow as in "bow and arrow", not "bow down" hahaha :)


In the tune of Changes by your main man David Bowie!

Still don’t know why i was waiting at The crosswalks that cover A million busy streets and Every time that I try to cross It just flashes back to red So I turned myself to the road Until now I’ve never thought of How the others get there so fast I’m much to busy to cross that walk

Ja-ja-ja-ja-jaywalk Turn and cross the road Ja-ja-jaywalk Don’t wanna be a waiting man Ja-ja-ja-ja-jaywalk Turn and cross the road Ja-ja-ja-ja-jaywalk Just gonna have to avoid the cars I am busy But I can save time

I watch a hot dog stand go by But there’s no money Left in my pocket So the dogs float through my eyes And I still crave a few all the same And I think I could be professional At eating all those hot dogs I found some money on the road And I had hot dogs all day long

Ha-ha-ha-ha-hot dogs Come and eat some more Ha-ha-hot dogs You can’t ever have enough Ha-ha-ha-ha-hotdogs Come and eat some more Ha-ha-hot dogs I think I’ll eat them professionally I am busy Eating hot dogs all day


Thanks to Julie I now have Bohemian Rhapsody stuck in my head.


This is my idea of a good time lets break the ice and add some lime Pop in Ocarina of Time Now that'll do just fine After Ganondorf's little meet and greet It's time to get outside and roam the streets Jaywalking is a neccesity It's the fastest way to get from point A to point B I'm not a criminal you see I just know what's best for me

Hot dang did I build an appetite It's about time to kiss this hunger good night Order a dozen hot dogs then finish off eleven Man this feels like hot dog heaven 8 o'clock you know what that means It's time for one of my favorite things Those ice road truckers go through hell and back Driving on the ice and you hear a crack It's enough to give almost anyone a heart attack That's about it for me Close my eyes and dream of an aqua sea No worries in my mind This is my idea of a good time


I was watchin' Ice Road Truckers on my chair, When I noticed by my window walked an aqua bear. I went to tell my friend so jaywalked over to his store, And heard Takeru Kobayashi on the t.v. yell "room for four more!"

He won the contest by dipping the hot dogs in fountain soda with crushed ice, and what do you know, right after me and my friend found some mice! We went to my house and played Legend of Zelda and watched Mr. Mom, this day ended up being the bomb!


WOW! You bad larrys went all out for this one! Great stuff! Congrats to tracerbullet! You'll be getting the $50 gift code e-mailed to you shortly. Thanks again for playing guys and keep checkin' back for more challenges!

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hahhaah congrats brian

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