What’s in G-Unit’s Tuna Surprise? (Photoshop challenge - $50 gift code)

Sale time again! Time for all you students to fill up your carts before you crack open the book.

Being the kind hearted gentleman that I am, I’m offering you a new chance to snag a $50 gift code to dress yourself in the finest of Threadless duds.

Today’s challenge is inspired by my very favorite co-worker Gwendolyn, aka G-UNIT the cafeteria chef. She makes this tuna surprise that makes the lunch crowd go wild. Only thing that haunts us is, what exactly is the surprise? Well, today it’s time to find out.

Your challenge is to show us in picture form what goes into the tuna surprise or how exactly it gets made.

Our favorite (funny, disturbing, gross or otherwise) will get a $50 gift code. You have until 10 am CT tomorrow (8/15).

Let’s eat!

Watch this

wat? sale time again??


where do i send it or post it??


Dood Janitor Dane... "G-Unit" makes me think of something dirty :/


Unicorn poop mixed with tuna, mayo, and some screen print.


C'mon guys we all the know the surprise is Chuck Norris dolphin. Chuck Norris Dolphin: giving your taste buds a beating they deserve! COming to a Cafeteria near you!


Sorry about the other post. Hopefully this works :)

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

@ARehman you need to upload your file first

use Thrdbx


Sorry about my picture being so big.:p


oh noes! the lobster roll got cut in half! ... dang, what's the max size of an image on here?


bahaha jeff!

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

this is why you dont drink and gif, people

i am quite proud of it


Oh, how I wish I'd have gone to (photo)shop class! But I couldn't pry myself away from her magical meals!


TheArtistDude Abides! You Sir just snagged yourself the $50 gift code! Thanks to everyone for playin! Check out my other challenges too! Threadless will be emailin' ya with the code!

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