Summer is Coming

  • by cachelo
  • posted Aug 13, 2012

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Hi, Can I have some feedback on this idea from Game of Thrones, please? rnI wanted to keep it simple but not sure if it´s ready to gornThanks!


..and sorry for the misspellings! ;)


I added lines for the elastic part of the socks and made it look like the tower of a castle


I think I like it just wit the elastic lines. The tower now looks like it has a weird shadow.


I think maybe the sock idea isn't the best away to go. I didn't realize it was a sock before reading the description. I think maybe it would work better being a parody of the Stark's wolf image, just wearing sunglasses or something? Or do something closer to your sock idea, but use flip flops? I'm not sure exactly. I think it has potential though and the text is done well.

Please review mine :) :

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