Space & Sky: Select Threadless Backpack

Space & Sky: Select Threadless Backpack

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I loveee it, wanted to pre-order it but just too expensive : (


Would love one, but a hundred bucks is too much for me! :(


$100 bucks for a backpack... it's so cute though... I don't know what to do. @.@


I gave fives to other designs, but this was the one I was hoping for. I was so happy to see it printed! Now it's for sale but it's soooooo expensive.

Commence internal debate.


I absolutely love this design, but I'm not paying $100 for a backpack. Anyway, Congrats on the win, Eric!


I love this design, but can't justify paying anywhere near $100. I'm sorry, but though I love it, that's waaaaay too expensive for a backpack.


Love the design. Way too much money for a backpack though.


When i got the email I thought "woah i am definitely going to get this!" but then I saw the price...


So cool but no way I could get it. Sadface.


I love this design, but can't justify paying anywhere near $100. I'm sorry, but though I love it, that's waaaaay too expensive for a backpack.




daaaaamn son, that's a lot for a backpack.


design is amazing, but $100 is just way too much.


If it didn't look like a sparkly girly backpack from the outside, and was $80 cheaper, then yeah, MAYBE. But since it's not this amazing work of art, the 'limited quantity' appeal goes away. It's not -that- different from other novelty backpacks we've seen before, and I can get a super versatile, top of the line backpack for $100. No thank you.


I voted on this backpack, but there is no way I would pay almost a hundred bucks for it. Sorry. But congratulations to the artist.


Seriously you want $99.50 for this?

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Hey pals, be sure to note we've created a special pre-sale price for you guys! The bag will be $85.50 this week as we create the bags but will go back to full price on Monday 8/20. Hooray!


I've been floating back and forth from the factory where the fabric for these is being hand cut to the screen printer where we are printing the stars in reflective ink. These are going to be awesome. Video to follow soon! We'll also be numbering these bags 1-250. Any suggestions on how to number them and where?


It's still a little spendy for a backpack, but I am a total sucker for space prints and love this design. Looking forward to seeing and using the finished bag!


I would totally buy this in a heartbeat, but not for $100, that is way too expensive. $35-$40 mayyyyyyyybe $50. But I simply can't and dont have $100 to spend on this. Congrats to the artist though, it's amazing work!!


It's gorgeous but it sounds like most of us cannot afford it. :(


this is amazing, shame about it being so much, if it was around $40 i would have gotten it :(


So beautiful, but so expensive :(


This is beautiful! . But I can't afford it, specially when I'm gonna ultimately pay in Reais, not Dollars. And then there are the importation taxes. Waaaay too expensive. :(


This is gorgeous but the price is a bit too much for the average student.


Wow; my current bag is a Samsonite on sale for $10, it's about 8 years old and I use it everyday. These look GORGEOUS, but at a price that high and without knowing the quality (can it take heavy beatdowns everyday? How are the zippers?) there's just waaaaaaay to much risk for the reward at that price.


Here's an idea: Stuff it with a laptop case or 2-3 shirts. Only then will people take it into consideration.


Beautiful, but the price--woah! Also, if you would put some folders, pens and stuff in there for a few photos it would make it easier to see the pockets (pockets are important to me!). The sky fabric is gorgeous but it's difficult to really see the interior.

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Really good! From the first time i saw this in the competition i know it will be printed and i need to buy it soon. But the price is too much..... I agree with others, if you put 3 -5 shirts inside should be great!


I need this in my life!!! Im willing to pay the price if threadless is willing to put one on hold for me.


I can justify paying this much for a LIMITED EDITION Threadless backpack. Everything this company makes is dope!


Hey guys. Here's some photos from the factory of the process. Have you guys seen the videos at yet? The stars are screenprinted in a reflective ink. It has a padded laptop pocket, a sweet front pocket that will have Eric's (designer) signature and will be hand numbered. These bags are being constructed by Bearse USA in Chicago. They usually make bags for the military and these bags are super heavy duty with a big zipper and 1000 Denier Cordura fabric. It's rugged. They're going to be sick. Can't wait to show you the final designs.


Ey what's the available space? (volume, liters)


This is a really big bag. Very roomy in both the main compartment and the front pocket. Sturdy, heavy duty and functional.


Everything seems perfect to me (size, design) except for the heavy price tag... Can we do a $20 price drop please?


I agree, it's a bit pricey.


I pre-ordered it yesterday. I saw it and immediately knew it was for me! The fact that there will only be 250 of these ever completely justifies the price. I get to own a bit of Threadless history, an amazing bag, and it will ALWAYS remain unique.

For those of you complaining about price... HOW COULD YOU!? It's a limited pressing. It takes alot of money to get the whole factory process set up and to top it off you have rather unique fabric as well! With a high quality, low quantity item, such as this, you can't distribute the manufacturing costs like you can with an item that has 1000s in print.

I'm glad I ordered it and I can't wait. It was something that just felt like me and as such I didn't see the cost as an issue.

To the creator, this is amazing work. I'm glad I got to be around to experience your artistic genius.


Wow. Literally took my breath away! Wow! Whew! Whoa!


Clever design but it's far too pricey.


It's beautiful, but too expensive to be used. I'd pay this much if I weren't going to turn around and F it up by using it... And I wouldn't pay that much for a backpack I wasn't going to use... This needs at LEAST a $25 price drop, and even at that price it would have to be comparable in quality to North Face or MEC.


congrats, eric!!! looks sweet!


Its nice, but looks a bit like you ignored a "Wet Paint" sign. Also the blue inside looks pretty girly and/or gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.


Far too pricey for the layout. Extremely plain looking Walmart type bag. The sky inside is the only thing that shines about this. Had it been $20, I might have gone for it.

Mr Rocks
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Congrats Eric. It looks really great.


At first I was a bit hesitant given (as everyone is saying) the price. But you know what? It's worth it. Mine hasn't even arrived yet, but it feels pretty cool knowing I'll have something my favourite company only made 250 of. Billabong and roxy etc charge that much for way poorer quality, totally unoriginal and ubiquitous bags. And people pay thousands for brands like Gucci or whatever. And you dont see those companies taking feedback on board enough to offer very generous presale discounts. Screw the price, this is cool!

Ps thanks for the pics and production updates!

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