But I don't wanna be a pirate!

Cool shirt. Great colour. But the patch looks odd over boobies.

Wish me luck on my ecology final! :D

Watch this

Ha, I say that all the time!


It's below the boobies according to that second product photo. And goodluck on your final! Wish me luck too...


Haha, yes! I knew exactly what you were quoting when I read the title.

Unfortunately there are too many good shirts ruined by breasts.

Hope you do well on your final.


Yeah, it's below the boobies, so it looks like she untied her bikini top at the neck and it's hanging down. Well, half of it at least ; )


Thanks, Julie. =)

And I don't care if it looks like half a bikini top... I think I'm going to buy this shirt anyway. It's pretty awesome.


Have luck!

I think the patch is under the boob...at least that's where it is in the picture (sorry shondi!) :p

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