Somewhere Over the Rainbow

  • by Raulio
  • posted Aug 09, 2012

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

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Congrats! Looks rad


Just brilliant! BRILLIANT ! Congrats ;)

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Thanks everyone! :D


I would love to buy this hoodie but the ugly UFO on the front changes my mind. Grrrr. I am so tired of awesome hoodies being destroyed by the random image on the front. I wish the front was plain.


I'm in agreement on the ugly front UFO... When it was robot Renaissance and you took something small and awesome DIRECTLY FROM the design and let i shine, it was so wonderful... But this is awful. Even Saturntable... I've had it in my cart for hours debating shirt or hoody because that front drab image is both redundant in an adds nothing way (whereas SOUND OF GALAXY has a FABULOUS image!)...same actually with Technicolor T-rex in that you did something cool though it sorta wrecks the spirit of the shirt... But it's so bleak and monochrome and drab... This one's an easy not on my live body... Please don't strip the integrity of the pieces-you're not just hurting YOUR bottom line, you're sabotaging the artists because we aren't going to want reprints of bad front designs. That's what people talking TO US see and it means we aren't going to have a half-ugly jacket. You did it to Budi's stuff too. When it looks like dripping citrus fruit on our breasts... Sorry but that's not a place to evoke ideas of squeezing juice out.


Reprint!! xoxoxo


Pls Reprint for guys (L)


LOL anyone notice the guy behind the window in the girls picture?

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