Check out our highest quality tee yet! Exciting info from skaw

  • by the ThreadStaff
  • posted Aug 08, 2012

We take t-shirts very seriously. We’re proud to announce that we’ve made improvements to the blank tees we print on. When you order a Threadless tee, you can expect more durable fabric, improved construction, and better consistency in fit and quality. We know this because you’ve told us. We've been using customer surveys to track our product quality, and over the past couple of months we’ve seen improvements.

And better quality is just the beginning of how we are improving our product.

Over the next few months you'll begin to see our new Threadless custom t-shirt. We spent weeks researching a soft and comfy fabric that’ll keep its shape through hundreds of washes. Then, we spent months in fitting, making sure each spec fit well, looked good, and would stay that way through the life of the tee. We researched manufacturers to find the ones that produce the best product and have the highest standards of excellence. We set up a Quality Assurance service to inspect our products as they're being produced to ensure our standards are being met consistently.

Then, we road tested the tee in the real world, making additional enhancements based on feedback. We even wore, washed, and re-wore the tees ourselves to see how they held up. We also integrated subtle Threadless branding like cyan back neck tape. This makes the tee our own, but doesn’t take away from what’s most important: the awesome Threadless design.

You're gonna love it!

Thanks & Never Stop Making,
Jake Nickell, @skaw
Founder & Chief Community Officer

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SuperRyan profile pic Alumni

yes, but will it float?


Love the cyan at the back.

The tees look great!! Will wait until all shirts are like this!

the czar

Oh I thought the newly produced designs were already using the new tees. Am I confused about this? I was going to place an order for some new prints but if they are on the older tees I might not buy then.

mezo profile pic Alumni
mezo profile pic Alumni


skaw profile pic Staff

The custom tees will start to roll out in the coming weeks. The shirts we have been printing on over the last 3-4 months are new too though and way better quality than last year.

So quality is way better now and going to get even more better shortly.

Mountain Gnome

Great! One question, is it organic cotton?

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

But will these new shirts hold me close at night during the cold winter months? Keep me safe from bad dreams?

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

also, there is no possible way this says "jake nickell"

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

awesome shit

L-M-N-O-P profile pic Alumni

Yes, but will it blend?

Raulio profile pic Alumni

Great news! Thanks for improve the quality


Here's hoping these shirts also FINALLY accommodate larger women's sizes. We're not all shaped like 12 year old boys. :(

the czar

Thanks for the clarification


Sounds great. Where are the shirts made?


Does this mean you might actually start selling more than 3 3XL shirts again?


Great news! It's the only complaint I've ever had.

jmeaspls profile pic Alumni

neat, i'll have one to buy one of these super shirts to see just how good they are!


Finally, now I can actually buy from you again. The last shirts I had were practically see through.

jstumpenhorst profile pic Alumni

Thanks for the update Jake!!! It's great to know that you guys really listen to your community and customers!! Threadless is an amazing company and it is good to hear about all of the hard work the team has put in!


bout time, I mean that in a nice way ;)

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

Wait, so what you're saying is that you guarantee each of our shirts will personally be worn and washed and worn again by a threadstaffer before it's shipped?

I'll take 20.

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

I hope I'll love them. Are the new tee's more stretchy? Are the girls shirts cut on a hourglass curve so it'll fit women and not little boys?

MC Pee Pants

Are you going back to American Apparel shirts? I haven't ordered from this site in over a year because the old shirts were WAY too thin. Definitely cheap fabric :(


Just in time! I think I've got two shirts left that haven't worn out yet. Love the neck tape idea, it's like a guarantee of threadless quality + awesomeness all in one.

ben chen
ben chen profile pic Alumni



There was definitely an order, or maybe two that I made where the shirts were just horrible. I mean HORRIBLE! They were soft and comfy, but ill-fitting, never the same, smallish, and would stretch out in the neck. But then I thought, well besides complaining, what are you going to do if you wanted a shirt? Nothing really. I held off for a while, and then a friend bought some and said they were pretty good again (not American Apparel good, but...) So I began to buy again, and the newer ones are. Maybe when there's another sale, I'll rebuy the old prints I have in new t-shirts and make those old ones undershirts. Good for Threadless for listening (I sent a complaint both times I ordered, and filled out EVERY survey they sent me) Here's hoping they're good!


Also hoping for some reality coming to the girly sizing. It is getting just plain ridiculous. It was as though the sizing scale was meant for my body when I was 13. As an adult female, I want a cool shirt that wasn't created for a preteen or a man.

Fingers crossed ladies!!

the czar

So, USA made or not?

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

That's what the cat is for, Steve.

Tonteau profile pic Alumni

Not that you implied this, but USA made is not a guarantee of product quality or good working conditions for workers. There is a stigma attached to shirts made on the indian subcontinent, but in reality there are plenty of good factories out there which produce quality garments and treat their workers well.

the czar

No I'm not implying anything, I am just curious.

Lahar profile pic Alumni

I never got an email.. Does that mean those who did are the ones getting the free shirt?


@skaw Please let the customers know which tees are the new ones like you do with the hoodies. There are usual Zip Hoodies and Threadless Hoodies. Please let there be usual Tees and Threadless Tees!

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