'Close To Heaven...'

  • by RealZeal
  • posted Aug 05, 2012

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Hi Guys, I retracted my previous submissions and tried out another version with taking in what some feedback I got. One was adding clouds further down the image. Another aspect I included was the wording in my own handwriting.rnIronically, my original painting had been done with this writing that is showing, but I tried something else instead in my previous versions. That hadn't gone down so well.rnI hope it looks better this time round and shows up properly too.rnThanks to everyone for any pointers.rnKind regards,rnZeal.

El Congo

Ahahah I like it, good job!


Very nice illustration! Only thing that I can say is that when I read the text I would expect him to be pulling a string or sth to show that he is trying to get his chute open...

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Thanks Flakdamage, it would be nice to be able to do the back as well, I see your point. About the colour of the shirt, it does happen to be light blue as you' ve suggested. It could be looking paler on the screen. Thanks.

ThirstyFly profile pic Alumni

I like your illustration style. Here is what I would tell you to do with this if I were your art director:

First, I would not put any text on any shirt concept (almost never) and I would try and come up with an idea that will make what you have so far into a really great concept.

For example: What if there were a few puffer fish above him (in place of a hot air balloon), and then strings down to the guy. An example of an excellent, very developed concept is this elephant by Alexmdc: http://www.chirply.com/products/easy-way-to-travel

The issue is not your style, it's your concept. Hope that helps. :)


Very artistic, the only thing I can suggest is to work on the background, the top part looks strange. But if you make the shirt with the same color of the heaven then you have the white clouds, so you can only choose one.

In that case you can just get rid of the clouds, leave the shirt light blue and and some individual clouds...

Hope that helps too.


Hi Guys. I have changed the T-Shirt layout slightly, which I think is an improvement on the previous one. I hope to hear your opinion. Thanks... Zeal.

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