In-House Vs Agency

Hey guys,

I've been an in-house designer for Fossil, and I've been considering an agency life...for those of your that have done both, or just one or the other...What considerations do you think I should make, before I make any sort of move. (besides the obvious pay, benefits, etc)

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I personally prefer agency work because you don't get tied into a single style and you're around a larger group of designers to bounce ideas off of. Admittedly, the only time Ive worked as an in-house graphic designer was doing very boring and repetitive work, so you may have entirely different experiences to me. Whats making you consider the change?

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Bureaucracy. Fossil's in house is huge, 100 people in the art dept alone, and it seems that the higher ups are so stuck in their ways that the culture is stunted.

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