UPDATE! International Customers: From our warehouse to your mailbox sooner without the customs hassle!

  • by the ThreadStaff
  • posted Aug 01, 2012

We’re excited to offer our international friends two new shipping options: Standard Plus and Standard Plus with Prepaid Customs. Both of these shipping options take just a few days for delivery and include tracking info, so you can check on the status of your package.

Just like the name implies, Standard Plus with Prepaid Customs allows you to pre-pay customs and taxes so your order will come straight to you without delay.


Standard Plus is also available to many international customers. This option also includes tracking, but it does not include prepaid customs.

Customs and duties laws are complicated, so we made sure to determine when and where it makes sense to offer each shipping option, depending on local official customs regulations. For example, only Standard Plus is offered to Australia because customs and duties don’t apply to Aussie orders under $1,000 AUD.

Your options at checkout will look something like this:

This is just the beginning of our mission to improve our shopping experience for international customers. One or both of these options are currently available for the UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Mexico, and Japan. And we’re not stopping there. We’ll be adding more countries in phases. Look out Brazil and Hong Kong, we’re comin’ for you next!

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d3d profile pic Alumni
nice work, but i still pity those poor suckers. here in civilization we never have to pay extra.
and italy??
and venezuela!!! i don't even know if my last order is in the country!! PLEASE!!
italy ? last time i waited 2 months :D
ThePaperCrane profile pic Alumni
So let me get this right - you pay when you order and then there is nothing more to pay - to anyone else? Sounds too good to be true as I am always getting stung! Taxes etc are usually relevant to the value so does this option increase in cost with larger orders or is it always $18.82?
i guess the cost increases, hope i'm wrong tho.
Czech Republic please, it's a real pain dealing with customs here!
Bramishxxx profile pic Alumni
Great stuff. Hopefully it'll apply to Austria soon - I get stung for about $20 extra on every order here.
quick-brown-fox profile pic Alumni
My order's been in Des Plaines, IL since last Thursday! Also, customs is such a pain in the arse, ordered a select tee, paid duty & charges (£12). Was too small, sent it back (£12), arrived yesterday more charges (£12).
Bramishxxx profile pic Alumni
Yeah John, I have a bunch of stuff that doesn't fit since I never wanna pay the return fees and future customs charges.
quick-brown-fox profile pic Alumni
It's great having new styles and stuff, like in Ross' post, but it does concern me that I'll end up with something moob hugging.
2 months waitnig from usa to europe is a big damn!! we live in 1800??? please, not is good for your bussiness!!!!
i came for the moob hugging
Mountain Gnome
Hmm no Netherlands on that list? :-( But great work Threadless for doing something about extra customs charges....
At last!
randyotter3000 profile pic Alumni
I have not bought clothes from threadless with real money for the sole reason of customs charges, this seems to be a great change
i had to pay an extra $47 for my order of 4 tshirts and a hoody the other day. %^%^&&^**$%$%$ customs in south africa :(
@The Paper Crane, the higher the value of your order, the more you'll pay in customs fees. This amount will be reflected in what you're charged at checkout.
This is a great improvement. Usually, taxes + shipping is up to + 80% more in the order for Brazil and we have no information. I'll hold my new orders until this is implemented.
@mazzetto, while we hope to have Brazil added to that list soon, unfortunately it's just not in going to be in the near future : (
the taxes you pay for the shirts and goodies will be the same as you have to pay at your place at home. but it will become just easier (and faster) to get the items... as an example, here in munich (yeah the big city in germany) we have to drive almost 25km out of town to reach the „central“ customs office... and EVERYBODY has to go to this single office... always needs lot of time and money to get there. It's no problem for me to pay the taxes and fees as the state has to earn his money. I have to pay it in a shop here too, in the same percentage range, so no issue :)
If I was to use these new shipping options, I'd be buying a heck of a lot less stuff from Threadless.
thank you, thank you, thank you! guess I'll be ordering shirts again!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I already have an order coming with tracking and wondered what this new magic was. Woo!
HOORAY! No more nightmarish dealings with UK customs and the Post Office! Also, this is dangerous because now I will order more shirts. BUT ALSO AWESOME.
I've never had trouble with UK customs and get mine kinda soon! Lucky I guess.
I've always bought tees in twos - if i want 6, I put in 3 separate orders. This usually comes in under the UK customs tariff, so no duty to pay. Delivery takes about 10 days, often less.
Lahar profile pic Alumni
I'd be willing to pay a bit more in shipping for faster delivery. But $55 (inc. 41 in duties, taxes) for the six shirts in my cart? I can get it FedEx'd for less and it would arrive even faster. I mean, they're shirts, just normally priced shirts. Each is priced low enough that this package wouldn't get taxed anyway. Doesn't duty look at each item and not the total value? That's why the price of each item is listed on the package sticker, right? So why am I being penalised and where is this fee for duty/tax going if with normal shipping I don't have to pay anything extra? Overall I think the idea here is a great move. I guess Threadless can't really know what happens for each person when receiving their order and customs, but in my case I'd agree more with the new shipping if the system didn't decide I should get taxed on stuff that wouldn't get me taxed normally.
Hey All, we decided to add this shipping option so that our international shipping is as easy, transparent and straightforward as possible. A ton of our international customers, especially in the UK, were getting hit with customs fees, customs related delays, and other customs related inconveniences (see @ licensed’s post above). In the UK, customers were also getting charged an 8 Pound handling fee from customs! Check it out, we’ve even had a blog on this since 2008: http://www.threadless.com/profile/243540/angelito/blog/407665/UK_customs_charges. Now, customers in the UK, Germany and Canada can choose to prepay the VAT, customs fees, and other applicable taxes on orders so that they are not stuck paying these fees later. Also, prepaying these fees in advance ensures that the package will also sail smoothly through customs, with no delay. The amount you pay to clear customs is based on the official VAT, tax and customs policies for each country.
quick-brown-fox profile pic Alumni
I had my shirt yesterday, with no £13+ charges, so I'm a happy chap. Thank you Threadless.
jeffreyg profile pic Alumni
Lahar - charges are per shipment not per item and if you cross the £15 limit you have to pay 20% VAT on everything (including the postage) plus an £8 admin fee, I've been caught out with this before. This is just letting you pay the charges in advance in order to avoid the £8 fee which is something I really welcome and have been hoping threadless would do for a while. Can't say I've noticed faster shipping though. My order was placed on the 2nd August and has yet to arrive so will have taken at least 7 working days from shipping to delivery. It wouldn't even track until today.
Thanks guys. Appreciate that. I have used this new method and am really glad it is on. I have no problem paying the taxes, but it was obvious the hassle to deal with forms, collecting from central royal mail offices etc was a huge turn off as the whole point of internet buying is to be practical and hassle free. cheers.
My last order took almost a month to get to me here in Vancouver, Canada. I usually hesitate to place an order because of the wait time...but not anymore! Thanks!