Scare Bear

  • by IllusiaX
  • posted Jul 31, 2012

Watch this

That cute little bear on the edge of your bed is not what it seems ;).rnrnDo you think I need the grunge? Also I tried this design on black but thought red was better. What do you think?

Paperbag Animator

I like it, but the actual tshirt colour should be different... maybe a mustardy yellow?


cool concept; i think it would look better on a black tshirt.


I like the red :)


I don't mind the red..I think maybe the toy bear needs to be more animated and maybe in different colors from the rest so you possibly look at him first then see the idea!


Cool idea man! I think there's something incomplete but if u work on it for a bit it'll be good!


Great! I get kinda lost in the missing leg on the little bears right leg area.


OK so red or black? Or a completely different colour? Shouls I loose the grunge look?


I like the look of this. Great design and it's funny. I think the red looks better than the black. Looks ready to submit to me. Good job!


black is way better! Submit!


i'd go with black because the white on the shirt is lighting up the dark (black). it's like an actual shadow. one other thing though. the teddy bear's mouth is closed while the shadow bear's is wide open. maybe have the shadow bear gritting its teeth or open the teddy bear's mouth. idk looks pretty good to me. would it be ok if you checked out my critique? thanks


In my personal opinion I would get rid of the grunge look, but that is just me. Other than that I suggest you remove the wall lines next to the bear's left hand, on the right side of the design.

Example to illustrate my point


black for the win and i agree with getting rid of the grunge look


Nice design idea. i would wear this as a t-shirt. I think the grunge look is awesome.

Honestly my first thought was go for red but they are both really good. So i would suggest having both options when you submit. Just state that it looks great in both and it give people another option. If you wanna try other colours, i think the darker/bolder they are to contrast with white the better. like Purple or Royal Blue.

Please help me out with my design submission


Please help critique my Ice Cream design.


Submit in black!


I agree. Black shirt.

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