Has anyone ever given an apple to one of their teachers?

Or does anyone ever still do that?

that's all. Just wondering is this still exists today.

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yeah after i dip my balls in their mouth


No, was I supposed to?


I gave a teacher an ink pen I had messed with (in replacement of one he had broken while being angry at me), mixing some acid in the ink. Plan was he'd write with it and it'd make holes in the paper and oooh the fun. Needless to say, it didn't go as planned.

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I didn't know that was really a thing. Except, like, in the little house on the prairie or something. Never seen or heard of anyone in real life who did it.

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haha yeah thats why I was asking if that ever really happen.

iRocko told me he gave chocolates to his teacher before (suck up) :P

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It's impossible not to look smug whilst eating an apple. Smugness is doubled if the apple eater is reading a book simultaneously.


yep. i used to in grade school

then i did it again once in college.

acid right?


yeah that got me once

i've never eaten an apple again

because eden and snakes


are you doing this for a backpack design!?!? because I was thinking the same thing, except with worms inside... DANG.


great minds think alike, I guess!

I'm going with plan B, then!

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nah go ahead!!! apple/ worms/ teachers its not a ground breaking new concept, you should take a stab at it


nah. Arzie already has a watermelon up there. I think another fruit would just be redundant...

(I'm kinda scared of the atrium voters. of the atrium, in general.)

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We used to get a fake apple and sign it as a class for our teachers. but gave them cookies for the holidays, and/or to keep from failing grades ;)


a teacher once accused me of eating her cake. But I came late so when she realised it was someone else she said she knew I would have eaten it if i didn't come to class late :|


just realized how much of an asshole my last post made me sound...

anything you'd do would be light years ahead of my current abilities. that being said, the simple apple concept--because it's not a new idea--requires a bang-up visual. you could do that, i'm sure.


Nothing says "I really appreciate you" like the gift of an apple.


Wait there's a razor-in-an-apple trick?

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