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For some reason, the previous critique was acting a bit weird so I deleted it.rnrnBasically, this is what the Tetris Heart shirt looks like now. :)rnrnFeedback and opinions are welcome.


Very nice idea! I like it, but I think something could change for the better. Did you try a different tee colour? Black is just too dark, even though I believe you wanted to make contrast between the shirt and the design.


I'm trying to go for a dark color, but I think I might go with Dark Blue or Dark Gray.


this is much better!!!!

perhaps it will look ace if you use another piece from tetris to compleate the heart shape

now it looks ok but simple / maybe an L piece ot a T will look more complicated :)


Changed the background color from black to dark blue (Navy) and made the "missing piece" an S block instead. :)

Feedback is certainly welcome. :)


for me is more than fine so far!!!! perhaps some other ideas might help it become more awesome!!!


Adorable! Its good so far, are you thinking of adding more or would that be the final design? It looks great on both black and navy tees :)


So ya'll think I should try and submit this if I can? :)


Good idea. I think the blocks could look more like Tetris pieces though with some shadow and highlights on each square.

Maybe adding some text below it in a font similar to the one used in the game. Maybe even just playting with elements from the game. Although, I do like the simplicity of just the heart. Hope that helps.


The main thing I did was changing the blocks to a Tetris block and because of color limitation, I only made them red. How does it look like with the blocks like that? I am also considering on adding other stuff to the design as well.


i like this! i feel like its missing something though... maybe a baner playfully wrapped around it or something! But still cool!!


I like it, but I also am getting a vibe that something is missing.

Perhaps it would like better if you dropped the location of the heart on the shirt, removed a few more blocks from the completing heart and raised them up in falling downward position to complete the heart. But I don't know...

I actually like V2 better with the multiple colors and the white highlights.

Thanks for your input on my design.


Some people here like V2's colors while some people seemed to prefer the more modern Tetris-like blocks ... I'm leaning a bit towards V2's (I still have it as a saved file) color scheme and maybe trying to make the blocks drop a bit might work. I'll experiment on that.

And most people here seem to prefer it on the chest ... but I don't know. I think it looks good either way though.

Eclipse Night

I like it better on heart position, but maybe modern blocks will do better. Are you sure you can't add some more colours, though? ^^

I also like the idea of making some falling blocks and i think it could improve this. Good luck with this!

Only if you want, I'd really appreciate some comments on my new design, Prism:


i like the colors of version 2 best, but perhaps without the white highlights on the blocks like version 3?

Good job, I like the concept :)


Alright, so now I did it so it had the modern blocks of V3 but had the colors of V2. In addition, I also made it so another Tetromino (Tetris Block) was falling down at the same time.

Feedback is welcome as usual! :)


Very nice. I can't really think of anything that would improve it. BTW thanks for commenting on mine!


I fixed the red up so it could be just like the other two colors.


I like how you fixed the colors again, it looked like it was lacking something when you changed it into all red, I also love how you added another piece along with the first one! Can't think of anything that needs improvement now :)

If you've got time, critique mine, I just recently updated it and added a body, tell me what you think :)

Damil Lan

I'm with the V2's colors. I wouldn´t place it on the chest, where it's now looks good. I'm not sure about the overall outline, maybe thicker, or darker.


Really cool, but I don't think the dark blue goes with the shades of red & pink of the heart. The heart is perfect. Maybe a light blue, turquoise, yellow, or light grey for the tshirt. Just my opinion.


Personally, I think the it looks better against a darker color. I'm going to submit a critique version in multiple colors.


Something about the whole contrast deal along with the fact that Tetris pieces are usually in a dark or black background makes me think that the shirt works better in a darker color such as these two. I experimented with such colors and I thought the contrast worked out better in these two colors. Additionally, I also tried resizing it so it would be in the front of the shirt but I thought it looked a lot better on the chest. Anyways, I'm going to leave these two colors up and the color ya'll think is the best will be the one in the next critique.

P.S. I think that the pieces falling on the heart was a really helpful addition. :)

mavericktiger profile pic Alumni

I like the blue option the best. Not sure what else you could do with the design. So I say submit it.


this is such a simple yet great idea!! don't overthink, it is almost ready to go... maybe (just maybe) you could put the red piece a little closer to the heart so the two pieces have more space in between (just like the game) im not really good at english, so i hope you get what i mean. good luck!, and if you want to, you can check out mine:


Alright, so I made the red piece go a bit down.


Blue shirt is probably best.

One thing I thought was that maybe the two falling pieces could be different. Like one of them could be a T shape instead. Technically they are different pieces, just the mirror versions. I just a think a completely different piece could help a little. No problem as it is though.

Please critique the newest version of my design.


It looks better on blue. can you try something? what does it looks like if you make it look a more handmade, with the wrinkle tool. Anyway, good evolution, the adding of one more piece was crucial. Good luck


The heart is perfect! The shirt color is up for debate.. I'm thinking yellow.. or turquoise, but honestly I don't think you can go wrong.


I think the heart's perfect, the colors definitely pop out from the navy so for me it looks good as is :) I think it works well with black too~!


Hearing all mixed debate, I think I'm going to just stick with what a few people said here and submit the design.

However, if it gets rejected or anything, I'll follow what some of ya'll said on the critique (Specifically the wrinkle tool or the multi-colored blocks). Thanks for ya'll's feedback though. If the design gets rejected, I'll keep ya'll in mind.

Wish me luck. :)


nice idea :) try to submit


love the idea should put it on a white or maybe a lighter blue shirt wish u luck on the submission


The submission got rejected, so I am going to do a bit more improvement on it (I'm going to try to go for a hand drawn approach to it). I do have a new design idea in mind if you want to check it out though. :)

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