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This is used from a picture my awesome mother took in philadelphia...I hope you guys like it!


The picture is good, but imo needs to be a little smaller, shorter because it's stretching into the neck area, which would be hard to see when worn. The black lightning on the right also looks out of place to me. It's a great concept though.


I agree that you should shrink it, the right part doesn't add to it imo, certainly as it sticks out of the tee in several places

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This is version two of my skyline t-shirt. Thanks for all the creative input!


Is this traced from a photo? If yes, did you take this photo yourself?


This is from a photo my mom took. I'm also working on a red and blue 3D shirt with a different building.

Eclipse Night

I like it but I think it needs a little more work to look really well. Change the tee color to something brighter, like white or black, or change your buildings color and print on dark blue (that's what I think I'd like the best). Somehow I don't like the gap between the black block and the structure at it's left... think about it, and keep up the good work!

If it's not asking to much I'd very much welcome some honest advice here: Thanks a lot in advancement, and good luck with your design!


I think a different shirt color would help too.

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grab the crown

I don't think the short color is a problem I like it a lot but I might add a little more black, think of using the black as a resting spot for people's eyes that will draw them around the image to the spots or parts you think are most important. Dig it


I'm struggling to understand why this would be printed as a tee? It's one thing to create art from photography but Threadless likes a theme, message, joke etc. As interesting as this is what's the appeal?


Its not supposed to have a punchline. It's supposed to be a cool graphic print.


Due to popular demand I have added to new colors...enjoy!


Nice work, but too abstract for me. I'd rather see one building in detail. But not sure if i'd want a building on my T-shirt, unless it shows the tech detail and sick architecture. Hope this helps :)


Nice idea but i kinda meant it to be abstract...


I like the color, less sharp shape inside buildings?


maybe if u gave me a link ;)


hello! Very nice. I prefer it on the black shirt I think...On the white - I find - that the windows and structure inside the buildings should be white OR black -...that is just me tho! I actually liked the first version but the highraise placed about 3 cm away from the neckline - so basically all graphics moved to the left but the taller highraise covering the whole height...but then there would be a lot of empy-ness on the right hand side - so another building there would probably look great... I hope this helps :)


You should try and submit this! I think it looks pretty great! :)

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Dude, see this?

This is a place for all your comments on this design. Please, no self promotion and no links to your own submission!

Just don't spam other peoples submitted designs.

mindsqueeze profile pic Alumni

Again as others have said, its looking good technically but the design probably wont appeal to the masses just because its a hard edged architectural design. I think the grey tee version is the best for the colours you are using and I would like to see some ore colour on the black version. You could even go for reds and purples and get some grunge brush strokes with a few more abstract shapes to make the design pop a bit more and it could start to appeal to a bigger customer base. I would get rid of the white tee colour, but that's just me. Nice work though and could be submitted straight away.


I decided to try and give my design a fresh start...It will be printed with blister ink to give it a nice texture.


I like the effect this has. I think it could look a bit more interesting somehow though like so you look at it more than a few seconds. Another element to the design maybe? The viewpoint is nice but I think areal view of a big city when I think of skyline so maybe it's the Title? Can you check mine when you have time?


Ok thanks, I'll keep that in mind!


OK I was thinking about making at a wallpaper anyway so that conifirms it. Thanks!


good designe


this is (hopefully) my final design. It will be printed with blister ink for texture and will also glow in the dark.

Superior Kolours

I like this, but I don't quite like the way the building on the left fades out. Maybe make it fade into a deconstructed look like the building on the right looks at the bottom,


I really like how this looks with it fading outwards. I think this will look awesome glowing in the dark. I think I like the version with the blue building best but both are cool. Good luck with this design, I hope it gets excepted :)

Could you please score my design if you have the time, thanks.

Romari Lepre

Looks great, but the upperside of the buildings, where you applied tranparency, is not finished.



I made it fade so it would keep the focus on the center.


I like it the way it is. Very cool :)

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