My new sub doth need some love...

Hey folks,

I have terrible social networking skills, but I gather on these here blogs, that a little self-promotion is a good thing. So here is my new submission:

Any votes/and or comments will be appreciated! (Even critiques.)

Watch this

Thank you seagrl!



Lonely Thursday bump...



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I love it! It's got a style all of its own.


Thanks a lot guys - I really appreciate the support!


amazing illo!! Bump!!


Thanks, Daviisilva!

Sunday bummp


It's very original!! And the design is so cool :O You put creativity with that, Although in my own opinion, I feel sadness in the animals' faces. Is it because of the situation you want to symbolize? :O I feel the monkey's color has less contrast with the background than de dog. I mean, I feel maybe MAYBE the monkey's color would be more well-balanced with a darker shade. But it's just my opinion ^^ To tell the truth it's a very very good design :) Because of that I gave 5 + $ ^^ Good Work!!


Thanks, RocketLaramie! You make some good points about the color. I think I could have worked out the color better...but I was just in a hurry to submit it. The only thing about making the monkey darker would be that I would have to make his face lighter and that didn't look as good to me when I tried it. Probably should have just spent more time on it.

And, yes, the characters are sad, because they have been disconnected from their space module and are floating freely in space. Probably should have put everything on a dark background to get the point across that they are floating in space. Oh well, I'm living and learning on Threadless!

And, I voted on your design - good luck!


Thanks again, guys!

Last day bumpity!

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