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My Summer Sequel (GoT parody) - All done thanks

Well after some hassling from my work colleagues and stumbling across QBF's SS5 blog, I somehow managed to get off my butt and made this sequel happen as after the original LOTR Subway print, I didn't think I'd ever touch another again due to the sheer volume of research and work involved to make it function as though it existed in reality.

In some ways, this GoT parody was much tougher as I wanted to challenge myself by steering away from railways, hence I've opted to work on this design using a bus network. From concept to completion, it took a good 50 or so hours with at least 10 of that user testing to ensure the locations are accurate and proportional to the real Westeros map, and that it actually works for the most part.

What made this one extra challenging was the fact that the locations are much more spread out compared to Middle Earth which translated to me having to scale down several location distances as otherwise it would be way too large for practicality.

All said and done post headaches and hair pulling, I'm real glad I took this step and returned to my roots of designing via a medium I enjoy which is creating a Visual Communication piece that is fun and usable.


Please click HERE for a hi-res and close-up preview download. Remember you need to actually download the file in order to view it in hi-res/close up, otherwise it's just a preview on the page.

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Hey Cheers J!



blue sparrow

Wow! Amazing details Reags and looks cool on the tee- good luck mate :D


Should have been a Winter sequel!


^Hah I hear ya - and looks like I broke youtube. =/

The Paper Crane
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Never heard of this before? Is it a good watch? Exceptional map work again mate!




I don't know how many times I was getting close to physically ill at how much I hated Joffrey and him having his misguided way with all around him...and then Tyrion would walk into the scene and a wave of relief took over me that some hard-hitting, deep-cutting comeuppance was headed to take Joffrey's face off.

Splendid sequel duder, I just wish you woulda consulted me first so I could tell you how much I'd want the key to be on the sleeve or the back of the tee, thus freeing up more space to zoom that exhaustive research out and stretch its legs a bit? I woulda argued my case for that, at least :D


Yo boss! Totally with you there re: Joffrey...pity it'll be a while away before that little prick actually DIES! :(

As for the key, definitely - I thought about having it on the back but wasn't sure if Threadless would be bothered with that extra process step seeing as in the original print the key was meant to be at the base which never came to being. I didn't realize sleeve prints were still possible (?). If so, and by some miracle this sequel pops into production, then those are definitely options. :)

  • Your young padawan reags.

brilliant sequel!! $$$




3 days to go!


Final two!




Final day!

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