Predator Carpool - submitted

up for votescores!

thanks all!

Watch this
jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

I like carpool but I don't like the execution.

The other two are cheeky

a wild thing
a wild thing profile pic Alumni

carpool 100% yes pizza 50% yes and not really feeling the flying baguette, although i may be missing the pun...

jmeaspls profile pic Alumni

carpool i like

other two not as much. is the baguette a reference to dr. strangelove?


Carpool has potential. not so much feeling the others though.


Now see I like the pizza one best, but that's probably because I'm tying it into BTTF. Intentional or no?

spacesick profile pic Alumni

they all look like drawings of penises to me. which is why I like them!

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

It looks a little rushed but I still like it

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