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Je T'aime Mon Petit Chou

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In French the word "chou" means "darling" but .literally means "cabbage." I was inspired to make a cute t-shirt about it. The whole sentence is, "I love you my darling." In French. Do you think I should put the words elsewhere? Please check one of the boxes on the side when you comment. Merci!


Looks fantastic, but I wonder what a dark green outline on the light green leaves, that are on the pink background, would look like? Just a thought. But definitely a winner in my book!


The light green leaves, esp. around the top, do blend with the pink of the shirt a little. Text placement is fine, direct and simple. Overall design of the character is very cute but maybe eye brows instead of a soul patch?


Lovely! Maybe add some delicate outlines and it'll be ready to submit :) You can try to add a small, typical french beret but it's nor really necessary.


I think that it looks awesome but I agree maybe a thin dark green outline, maybe the same colour as the darker leaves would look good around the whole design?


I would leave the words on the shirt just the way they are. But since not everyone knows French, perhaps put the translation as the title for the shirt. That way the buyer will know what they're getting, but not everyone else will know. I love the design! Great work!!


So you guys want a thin outline around the the cabbage or throughout the drawing? And you want the literal translation?


Je sais qu'il devrait y avoir une virgule.


I think a thin outline throughout the whole cabbage to define the edges more to see how it looks, I think you should leave the type as it is :D


What do you think about a bit darker pink?


I darkened the pink and added a comma. If you haven't read the first comment of mine, the sentence means, "I love you my darling." Literally it says, "I love you my cabbage," because it's slang. It's like people calling each other "honey." Enjoy.


The darker pink looks a lot better, I think that is what it needed. Submit it, it looks great!

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