• by nanlawson
  • posted Jul 05, 2012

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Nice illustration, and I like the placement on the shirt! There might be a way to further sell the "mended heart" idea, like tape across some of the cracks or something! Just an idea... Looks good!

Also, would you kindly take a look at and critique my design? Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks! :)


The idea is very nice, but I would try to make this heart looks far more "broken".


i love the idea, and i agree - maybe add some sutures or something.


This is really good. I love the girls face and hair. I do, however think if her feet were somewhat bigger it would improve the image. Also the back foot is smaller than the front foot, if you do change it I would recommend watching out for that.

Eclipse Night

I love this one so much, I'd be buying this!

Let me say I find it perfect as is myself, the idea quite reaches you without need of patches or sewing, and it's beautiful. I'd only change the size of the girl's feet, do them a little bigger and be careful they are the same size. And done! This is my oppinion.

If it isn't asking too much, could you please take a look to my design and tell me what do you think? I'd really appreciate it, but don't want anyone to feel obligated. Here's the link:

Good luck with this design! (And the same goes to everybody else with theirs =) ).


Great! Be good to look at the shape of the girl.

nanlawson profile pic Alumni

I lightened up the color and removed the texture. I made her feet bigger and the cracks in the heart thicker - I wanted it to look more like stained glass (shattered) than sewn together, maybe I'll change the name if/when I submit. Also changed the placement on the shirt to a little left of center since one's heart is considered to be left of center.


I love this! The only thing that's unclear to me is what interaction is occurring between the girl in the heart. Is she supposed to be "mending" it, like the title? If she is, I think adding something like a piece of scotch tape on the crack underneath her hand would help to get the point across. Other than that, it's perfect!

If you have time, please critique mine :)

Eclipse Night

Not all things need shadow or texture, to me this is perfect as is, as some messages reach better if simply pure.

I don't see the problem here understanding what the interaction between her and the heart is, either, so I'll personally leave it as is.

The only thing that's bothering me is the red patch on her knee... what's that supposed to be?

Anyhow, this is getting 5$ from me. Good luck with it!


The red patches on her knees and elbows are a little distracting. Nice idea though.

Also, if you have time, please vote for my entry for the Threadless Disney villains T-shirt design challenge! silhouette-ception

Prophetik Soul

Very sentimental. I like your choice of colors. I like the upbeat feel.

Please take a moment and please critique my design. Thanks.

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