The Day is Brave

I've always enjoyed looking at process blogs, but I'm also not very good at documenting my own process so here's a sorry bit of background for my new design 'The Day is Brave'.

This was more a lab experiment than a definitive project. I don't know if it's common practice for multimedia artists to use other sources, but I liked the idea of creating every layer in the piece myself. Basically my plan of action was to 3D model a gas mask and add things to prettify it. If there's one thing about 3D modelling it's that I don't know how to cheat detail without having to do a ton of photoshopping later... so it was worth spending the 2 days. I rendered maybe 7 different perspectives till I got the one I liked. After that it was a matter of editing and mashing the photos I'd taken on my travels. I have total respect for multimedia artists because man, it sure takes some restraint to know how much to add/edit for the design to look harmonized in the end. The drawing came last and I don't know how else to describe that process except that I'd decided on a colour scheme and drew within those 3 colours. If you want to see a high res photo, I've posted it to my tumblr. Also, the day is brave so GO CONQUER SOMETHING!

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