Rook-ie Mistake

Watch this

What a Rook-ie... :)rnThoughts?


Well, for someone who knows how to play chess, I don't see much of a mistake. Pawns capture diagonally, you should arrange these so they logistically make sense, as well as play out anthropomorphically.

Maybe the rook just captured a pawn (pushed him over like a bully), but hes got a bunch of other pieces surrounding him, about to jump him


Well the whole idea was that he was being surrounded by a bunch of angry pawns. not so much that actual game play is going on.

I do however like the idea of a knocked over one. It will give it a bit more narrative so thanks for the help :)


if the rook has a facial expression i think you should also add the fallen soldier a facial expression,...

If you have time, please critique my design Trap


You are totally right. I meant to but it skipped my mind.


Added a face, shadows. For those of you you who dont know, that piece is called a ROOK and he is being mobbed by PAWNS.


awesome idea. submit!

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