the strongest man on earth

Watch this

-not sure about the placement.


heheh nice!but try an option with the full artwork too If you have some time could you score mine,cheers! From Africa

Art by Prescription

Ha brilliant! I reckon maybe it should fit full stretch around the shoulders (up to the seams at the top/sides) then the torso as it sits now looks really good.

If you have time mine is crying out for help here: Out of my Hair


Nice, i like the idea of the placement, though i would like to see some different combinations before i know what's best, cause i kinda like the whole design too :) check mine out


Really cool!, just try to make the byceps not go over the armpit because it kinda kills the illusion. Other than that it´s awesome, lovin the texture.

if you have a minute please score my design :j

after the apocalypse


Maybe, You need to make the design more realistic! ;)


Yeah, I'm also afraid this design was made either "before" Threadless or you just forgot to keep your canvas in mind. That arm pit situation proves it was done hasty. It's a cool design and I would love to see this lad's back on the back of the tee! The way its positioned now, I don't know if I'd wear it. I'd feel people are laughing at me rather than WITH me :)

I say show his head and arms. Change the arms. We don't want to make the design much smaller so maybe if you lift the arms up like he's flexing - they should fit into the tee's arms. And then the same thing on the back.

Then take that idea and make another, skin colour/ Orange tee, with muscles and tattoos all over it.


haha pretty awesome design :P

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