Ziggy Pika-dust

  • by jlaroche
  • posted Jun 18, 2012

Watch this

I have two options here... what do you guys think? I need opinions and critiques! rnThank yourn:)

jean_warhol profile pic Alumni

its cute. is it for the simple challenge? if so it works


Love the cute simplicity. My vote would be for eyes open - but you could also put both on one shirt, one front and one back.


no because there are four colors and that challenge has a max of three :S

jean_warhol profile pic Alumni

u could change the pink in the bolt to be the same as the pink in the cheeks, it should meld ok

Naked ninja

Awww they're so cute Both, submit both. or do as jean warhol said so the sleeping one is on you back.

It you've time critique my design please


Aw, these are precious!! I hope that face isn't trademarked or anything, hopefully you can get away with it... I also vote for eyes open, though!

If you have a minute, I'd really appreciate it if you could spare some critique on my shirt!


Thank you for all your comments. I submitted the closed eyed version first to threadless and they rejected it, so what do you guys think of open eyed pika-bowie?


I fixed some of the details in the lightning bolt that was bugging me a bit. What do you think? I might submit this one :)


heh heh not bad, pritty clever idea for a thunder type XD. i dont know what else you can do to it except mby mess with the positioning on the shirt. If you find the time :)


so cool! the only thing id say is maybe having the face more centered with the placement. love it!


Looks pretty cool, but I agree with the above comment. Centering the design on the T-shirt would be good.

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